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Do you need to sell your fire equipment? Are you looking to buy used fire apparatus? At Fenton Fire Equipment, you can list your fire equipment with us or search our pre-owned listings to find the equipment you need. We facilitate the selling and buying processes to make it as easy as possible for you to sell or buy equipment.

Quality, Pre-Owned Fire Apparatus

We list a wide variety of used fire trucks and other fire equipment, including:

  • Engines/pumpers
  • Antiques
  • Tankers
  • Ambulances
  • Ladder trucks
  • And more

Fenton Fire Equipment provides you with avenues to buy, sell, finance and ship your used fire equipment. We make sure everything we list is high-quality and well-priced for both the buyer and the seller. Our expert staff is ready to provide appraisals and help you find just the right fire apparatus for your needs.

Sell Your Fire Truck With Fenton Fire

Listing your fire equipment with us is easy and effective. We provide you with a large audience and do the work for you to save you time. Our process is simple:

  • Fill out our online listing form with the details of what you'd like to sell.
  • We will get back to you with suggestions on marketability and pricing.
  • We post your listing on our site and solicit our wide audience of buyers with email blasts, social media campaigns and more.
  • We take all calls and emails and respond to parties interested in your equipment, and contact you when we have a qualified buyer.

So why should you sell with us?

  • Exposure: We have a large audience with over 40,000 website visitors per month, so you'll be able to have your listing in a bigger marketplace than you could on your own.
  • Non-exclusive: Our services are non-exclusive, so you can list your truck or other equipment on your own and on other websites as well.
  • Free appraisals: We give you pricing recommendations free of charge.
  • Save time: We handle all the marketing and field all the interest and questions so you don't have to.
  • Save money: If we don't find a buyer for your equipment, we will not charge you for any of our services.

Buy Pre-Owned Fire Trucks and Equipment

If you're looking for fire trucks for sale or used fire apparatus, Fenton Fire Equipment can help. You can search our new listings or browse by category to find what you're looking for. We include as many pictures as possible with each listing, as well as all the make and model details so you have a clear sense of what you're getting.

You can use our online form to request more information about the equipment or give us a call at 1-866-310-2077. We can answer any questions you may have about the listing you are interested in. We are reachable by phone from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm every day, and we aim to answer every email and request within 24 hours. If you need assistance with shipping and financing, we can provide that help as well.