Mini / Midi Pumpers Listings

In the mini and midi pumper section you will find smaller pumper trucks that classify as either mini or midi. Because there is an overlap with these fire trucks and brush trucks we generally list them in both categories. Mini and Midi pumpers have a great place in the fire service and we offer these trucks for sale below.

Used Mini Pumpers for Sale

Government entities and other organizations often need access to a range of fire and rescue vehicles to keep property and people safe on a day-to-day basis. At Fenton Fire Equipment, we offer a huge marketplace of fire and rescue vehicles that municipal and volunteer fire departments can count on — including mini pumper trucks for sale.
Are you looking to buy midi or mini pumper trucks for use in your organization? Our selection includes multiple options for you to consider, including trucks with varying features and price points. When you need options as you search for mini pumper trucks for sale, find them in the marketplace at Fenton Fire Equipment.

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When you’re looking to buy used midi pumper trucks, you’re looking to buy essential equipment that will be used to protect both property and lives. For that reason, you need access to a selection of quality mini pumper trucks for sale, equipment that can be trusted to perform under pressure.

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In the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace, you’ll find a range of used midi pumper trucks for sale that are manufactured by well-known brands — industry names that are synonymous with quality and performance. Make sure you’re getting both performance and value for your investment when you choose to buy used midi pumper trucks from the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace.

Find a Mini Pumper to Fit Your Needs

Your mini pumper is ready and waiting for you in our selection. We offer multiple options at any given time so you can quickly and easily identify a used midi pumper that offers the features, capabilities and price point that you’re searching for. Your work is too important to trust just any midi pumper, so get one that matches your requirements. Interested in financing? Learn how Fenton Fire can pre-qualify your department.

List Your Mini Pumper With Fenton Fire

You can choose Fenton Fire Equipment as your go-to place to buy mini pumper trucks, and you can also take advantage of our marketplace when you need to sell. Getting your listing posted is fast and easy.
Start by submitting photos of your truck as well as specifications. Our team can provide guidance on pricing and marketability if needed. Once your truck is live in our marketplace, we may solicit offers through email and social media, depending on the listing. We handle all inbound inquiries and questions, including phone calls, emails and online chats.
There’s no exclusivity at Fenton Fire Equipment. Feel free to list in our marketplace and other relevant marketplaces as needed. You only pay if your trucks sells directly to one of our marketplace users. When you choose to list with the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace, you gain access to a huge base of users, and there’s no obligation on your end until your truck sells.
Our audience is ready and waiting to see what you have to offer. Start the process of listing your fire and rescue truck in our marketplace, or explore your many mini pumper options on this page if you’re looking to buy.

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