Wildland And Brush Trucks Listings

Brush trucks are typically 4 x 4 units that are light enough to respond to fires in rough terrain. We have listed all our new and used brush trucks below. They start at the newest ones available and then as you scroll down you will descend in year of the truck. Let us know which fire trucks you are interested in by quoting the stock number on the right of the title and we at Fenton Fire look forward to assisting you in buying your next emergency vehicle. Check out our other types of fire trucks by searching categories on the left or view our new listings.

Used Wildland and Brush Trucks for Sale

At Fenton Fire Equipment, used fire trucks and rescue vehicles are our specialty. At a time when wildfires seem to be in the news on a regular basis, many government organizations and volunteer operations need access to high-quality wildland brush trucks for sale around the country — and Fenton Fire Equipment delivers. Find ideal options at Fenton Fire Equipment when you need to buy wildland brush trucks.

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When you’re searching for wildland brush trucks for sale, you’re looking to purchase highly important equipment that will be used to protect nature, property and people. That’s why you need access to high-quality used wildfire brush trucks that can be counted on to perform under pressure.

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In the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace, you’ll find used grass fire trucks from well-known brands — longstanding manufacturers with track records of delivering high-quality products. Our 4×4 fire trucks for sale and other wildland and brush truck options deliver the performance you need at a price that delivers value for your investment.

“I have found there professionalism, advertising reach and customer base to be outstanding.  The easy of doing business with them is an added plus.” – Roy Harris

Find a Brush Truck to Fit Your Needs

Make sure you’re getting a brush truck that fits your needs. In the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace, you can find a range of options, including:

  • Used type 3 wildland trucks for sale
  • Used type 4 wildland trucks for sale
  • Used type 5 wildland trucks for sale
  • Used type 6 wildland trucks for sale

Your work as firefighters and as a fire department demands equipment that fits unique needs. When you choose the marketplace at Fenton Fire Equipment, you’re able to explore multiple options and increase the likelihood of finding a used wildfire brush truck that matches your requirements. Interested in financing? Learn how Fenton Fire can pre-qualify your department.

List Your Wildlife Truck With Fenton Fire

You can buy used grass fire trucks through the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace, but you can also use our platform as a venue to sell. Listing your brush fire truck is fast and easy. Submit your specifications and photos and take advantage of our pricing and marketability experience and guidance as needed. Once your truck is listed on our site, we may solicit offers via social media and email, depending on the listing.

“Working with Fenton Fire was a real pleasure and very easy to work with and made the sale of the body we had easy.  I would work with then again hands down.” – Andy Jansma

As questions and inquiries come in, we respond to them via phone call, email and online chat. You pay a small fee based on the final sales price once a transaction closes. You’re always welcome to list with Fenton Fire Equipment and other marketplaces at the same time, and you only pay if your truck sells to one of our marketplace users.

Browse our selection of used brush trucks for sale on this page, or start the process of listing your truck for sale today.

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