SCBA / Air Bottles Listings

If your fire department does not have the money for new SCBA’s then this section is a good place to find quality used air bottles and Self Contained Breathing apparatus. We have Scoot, MSA, ISI, Draeger, Survivor and lots more available. These units for sale are being sold by dealers and fire departments.

Used SCBA for Sale

You can find air bottles within these listings and other related self-contained breathing apparatus items. Each item listed provides specifications, pricing and images to show what the SCBA item looks like. If you have more questions about these items, feel free to call us at 1-866-310-2077 or submit our online form, and we will be glad to help you. Some of what we list include:
  • Air packs
  • SCBA bottles & packs
  • Technical rescue air carts
  • And more!

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Here at Fenton Fire Equipment Inc., we are always looking to help you with your fire equipment needs. We bring fire departments to one place to make sure you get quality equipment that meets your expectations.
You can find quality brands such as:
  • Draeger
  • MSA
  • Survivor
  • Scott
  • ISI
Each listing has detailed information about what condition the equipment is in and provides as many pictures as possible. If any used breathing apparatus for sale is not in the best shape, the product description will specify the condition of the item. Fenton Fire Equipment Inc. works with sellers and fire departments to ensure you get the information you need before making your purchase. As a buyer, you need to know what exactly you are buying and feel comfortable as you invest your money into a listed item.
You will be able to speak directly with the seller about the used breathing apparatuses you are interested in to have all your questions answered about the items. We are a full-service brokerage company working with fire departments to sell, buy, finance and ship the fire equipment that is needed all in one place. Read what clients have said about our services.

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Do You Have SCBA Equipment to Sell?

Each month, we receive over 40,000 visitors on our website. Our audience is from all over the country to provide you with many opportunities to sell your self-contained breathing apparatuses. You can save time and money by listing your SCBA items here. Our knowledgable team helps with marketing your item to potential buyers through our website, email blasts and social media. We also answer calls from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and reply to emails within 24 hours.
If your listing has potential leads, we will send you an interested buyer’s information so you can talk with them directly about your SCBA equipment. If you are unsure about the price to list your item, we also offer free appraisals to get you the best sale.
Are you looking to sell SCBA equipment? Take a look at how to list your equipment today!

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