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Airport Fire and Rescue vehicles are usually low mileage and low usage trucks, thankfully. We have some of the biggest airport fire trucks in the world listed for sale on our website and we are a proud provider of quality maintained used trucks. These trucks typically come out of service from Federal Airports and still have a ton of life left in them due to the meticulous maintenance they have received during the course of their service life. We have sold some of these ARFF vehicles around the world and have experience shipping them by ship and even plane. Let us know what we can do to help you meet your ICAO requirements with these used airport crash trucks for sale.

Used Airport Crash Rescue Trucks for Sale

Are you searching for airport crash rescue trucks that can be used at your facility? You’ll enjoy access to a huge selection of high-quality used airport crash trucks when you choose the selection available through the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace.

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There’s nothing more important than quality when you need to buy ARFF trucks. These trucks are put to use in dangerous, life-threatening situations, and you can’t tolerate a vehicle that’s not up to the job.
Unless otherwise noted in a listing’s description, our selection of airport rescue trucks for sale includes nothing but high-quality options from leading industry brands and manufacturers — trusted names in fire and rescue that have long track records of delivering quality products. Whether you work for a municipal or volunteer fire station or an airport that relies on used ARFF vehicles to keep facilities safe, find the best ARFF trucks for sale through Fenton Fire Equipment.

Find an ARFF Vehicle to Fit Your Needs

You need options when searching for used ARFF vehicles. Your fire station or airport most likely needs an ARFF truck that offers certain features or that has certain capabilities. Settling for an option that nearly meets your needs just won’t cut it.
At Fenton Fire Equipment, you’ll find multiple options in our marketplace at any given time when you need to buy used airport crash trucks. Having many options means that you can identify a truck that offers the performance you need at a price that fits your budget. Ensure you’re getting the right truck for your fire station or airport when you choose to buy used ARFF vehicles through the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace. Interested in financing? Learn how Fenton Fire can pre-qualify your department.

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List Your Airport Rescue Truck With Fenton Fire

You can buy a used ARFF truck for sale using the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace, and you can also sell your own truck if you’re looking to upgrade or if you simply don’t need it anymore. We’ve designed a listing process that’s simple, straightforward and easy to manage for sellers.
Start by submitting photos and specifications of your used ARFF truck. Given our wealth of experience, we can provide guidance on pricing and marketability. We solicit offers by listing your truck on the Fenton Fire marketplace. Depending on the listing, we may also include your truck in social media posts and email messages. When questions and requests come in, we take the calls, emails and chats. When your truck sells, you pay only a small fee based on the final selling price.
You’re always welcome to list your truck on other marketplaces too, since our services are non-exclusive. You’ll only pay if your truck sells to one of our marketplace users. There’s no cost at all if your truck fails to sell for any reason.
If you’re looking for used ARFF vehicles for sale, start by browsing our many options on this page. If you’re interested in listing your ARFF vehicle or another type of fire and rescue truck with Fenton Fire Equipment, start the process by filling out our simple online listing form today.

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