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Used Fire and Rescue Boats for Sale

Fire departments and similar operations located near waterways and water bodies often need fire and rescue boats. Because fire departments have unique needs, they need access to a wide range of boats to choose from, which is why the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace is such a helpful place to search for fire and rescue boats.

Our marketplace includes various fire and rescue boat options, including:

  • Used fire boat pumps for sale
  • Used small fire boats
  • Flat bottom rescue boats
  • Much more

Whether you’re looking to buy shallow water rescue boats or other types of fire and rescue boats, you won’t find a marketplace that offers a more diverse selection than the one you’ll find through Fenton Fire Equipment.

Trusted by Rescue Teams Around the Nation

What makes Fenton Fire Equipment’s marketplace such a great venue to find used boats for sale? We list boats made by leading industry manufacturers — trusted names that are known for delivering quality products. The used rescue boats for sale in our selection are trusted by rescue teams around the nation.

We see what we do as a fire boat marketplace as a mission. Our users are looking to buy used rescue boats they can trust to deliver life-saving services. It’s important that we curate a selection of quality options so that our users can buy fire rescue boats they can depend on.

Find a Fire Boat to Fit Your Needs

Selection is essential to municipal and volunteer fire departments because each department has its own unique needs. For example, some departments need to buy shallow water boats, while others need boats that operate well in deeper water. We strive to offer a wide selection of both options at any given time so that our users can focus on options that best meet their needs. Interested in financing? Learn how Fenton Fire can pre-qualify your department.

The work of fire departments in the United States and around the world is too important for them to trust just any type of fire boat. Each and every fire department deserves fire boats that perfectly match their needs. You can find the ideal fire boats for your department through the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace.

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List Your Fire and Rescue Boat With Fenton Fire

At Fenton Fire Equipment, we’re more than just a place where you can buy used boats. As a true marketplace, we’re also a venue where you can sell your own fire and rescue boat. Getting started is easy. Simply submit your boat’s photos and specifications. We can provide guidance on pricing and marketability if needed. Your listing will then appear on our site. Depending on the listing, we may also use email and social media to solicit offers.

We handle all of the questions and requests that come in via email, chat, phone or other channels. And there’s no obligation to list solely on our marketplace. You can list in other relevant marketplaces too. You only pay the small listing fee if and when your boat sells. We don’t charge for our services unless your boat is purchased by a Fenton Fire Equipment user.

Are you looking to buy or sell fire boats? Check out our selection of used rescue boats and used fire boats for sale today or start the process of listing your fire and rescue boat by filling out our online listing form.

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