Used Ambulances Listings

The ambulances we have listed are for sale by fire departments, rescue squads and some dealers. We not only broker these used trucks in the USA but have sold to South America, Europe and beyond. If you are in need of an ambulance let us know what we can do to assist your service in finding a great new to you truck.

Used Ambulances for Sale

Used Ambulances for Sale

So many different organizations need equipment to provide life-saving care daily. But the cost of a brand new ambulance can be prohibitive for many hospitals, municipalities and other operations. That’s why used ambulances with low miles make such attractive alternatives.

Ambulances provide life-saving services and patient transportation, so they’re essential in the operation of many health and safety organizations, including hospitals and fire companies. With an aging population, experts expect the need for ambulatory services to rise in the coming years. Having a range of emergency vehicles that meet your organization’s needs is essential for smooth operations.

At Fenton Fire Equipment, our marketplace includes a huge selection of used ambulances for sale, including options from different brands that represent different ages and varying price points. When you choose the selection at Fenton Fire Equipment, you can find specialty options, like used 4×4 ambulances for sale, as well as type 1, type 2 and type 3 ambulances for sale. Get started now by exploring your options on this page!

Type 1 Ambulances

A type 1 ambulance is an ambulance module mounted on a heavy truck chassis. Type 1s are the largest option available for ambulances. Since they’re built on a heavy-duty truck chassis, their capabilities include reliability on difficult terrain, such as gravel and dirt roads. This ambulance type comes in two powertrains — either two- or four-wheel drive.

The cab of the ambulance is much like that of a traditional pickup truck, and the ambulance module, referred to as the “box,” can be accessed through a portal that looks like a window. Hospitals and airports often use type 1 ambulances for advanced life support (ALS) capabilities, which is why they are also called Mobile Intensive Care Units (MICUs). The benefits of a type 1 ambulance include its impressive storage capabilities for equipment and supplies and its spacious room in the box.

At Fenton Fire Equipment, we have options for buyers looking at type1 ambulances for sale from manufacturers like AEV. Brand new type 1 ambulances are often more expensive than other options, but buying used type 1s means you can get the benefits of advanced capabilities at a lower price point. You’ll find many type 1 options with various features, capabilities and price points in our listings.

Type 2 Ambulances

When shopping for type 2 ambulances for sale, you’re looking at van-style ambulances rather than truck-style. These models have a raised roof compared to most standard vans, but otherwise have few other significant modifications to the chassis. The van chassis means these ambulances have a sleeker design and are often more nimble than type 1s.

Hospitals and municipalities might prefer the van-style layout of a type 2 ambulance — these models are best for basic life support and patient transfers. However, they can also be useful for ALS and rescues. Type 2 ambulances are generally the more economical option for purchasing and upkeep compared to type 1s, and their compact shape and versatile construction mean improved fuel efficiency and an easier time fitting into tight spaces.

If these benefits match your organization’s needs, you’ll find a wealth of type 2 ambulance options in the selection available through the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace.

Type 3 Ambulances

When you’re interested in a type 3 ambulance for sale, you’re looking for a model with a seamless, doorway-style transition between the cab and the ambulance module. Modules in type 3 ambulances are mounted on a cutaway van chassis, but the layout of the vehicle makes it all feel like one piece. These models have the same uses as type 1 ambulances, including ALS for transport and rescue.

Type 3 ambulances combine the utility of type 1 with the economical design and benefits of type 2 models. They’re roomier in the back than type 2s, but they’re not as bulky as type 1s. When you’re exploring different type 3 ambulance options and medium-duty ambulances for sale, enjoy the selection you’ll find at Fenton Fire Equipment from manufacturers like Medix.

List Your Used Ambulance With Fenton Fire

Whether your organization is a volunteer fire company looking for a type 1 ambulance at a great price or a city hospital in need of an agile type 2 ambulance to cut through heavy traffic, a used ambulance from Fenton Fire Equipment is the perfect solution. Whether you’re searching for a 4×4 ambulance for sale, used ambulances in Florida, or other types of equipment in various locations, you’ll find what you need in the selection at Fenton Fire Equipment.

But did you know that you can also sell equipment in our marketplace?

Start by submitting your ambulance specifications and photos. We can help with pricing and marketability information as needed. Once your ambulance is listed in our marketplace, we may reach out to prospective buyers via social media and email, depending on the listing.

As inquiries and questions come in, we respond to calls, emails and chats. You only pay a small fee based on the final price if and when your ambulance sells. You’re always welcome to list in other marketplaces, and you pay nothing unless your ambulance sells directly to a Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace user.

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