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Rosenbauer is a world-renowned manufacturer of fire trucks and rescue vehicles with a production history from the 1920s. Fenton Fire Equipment proudly offers a wide selection of used Rosenbauer vehicles for collectors, active departments and everyone in between. Browse our current listings and contact our team to learn more.

The History of Rosenbauer Fire Apparatuses

Rosenbauer is the world’s largest and North America’s second-largest fire truck manufacturer. The company’s firefighting history began in 1866 in Austria. Over time, Rosenbauer has evolved to keep up with changing technology and market demands. A renewed focus on sustainability and safety has led them to develop new technologies that make their equipment coveted to this day. Rosenbauer remains one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

Types of Rosenbauer Fire Trucks

Thousands of departments globally trust the many Rosenbauer vehicles on the market, including: 

  • Aerials: Rosenbauer aerials feature smart aerial controls and collision protection, making it easy to control and operate your aerial in any environment.
  • ARFF: Known for the PANTHER line, Rosenbauer ARFF vehicles receive extensive crash testing and feature designs focused on ergonomics. Newer models include birds-eye view camera systems, EMEREC systems and roll stability controls. 
  • Custom chassis: With world-class series options including Commander, Avenger, Warrior and more, you can find a Rosenbauer chassis to match your price point.
  • Pumpers: Trusted for their long life and minimal maintenance operation, Rosenbauer’s industry-best pumps provide high performance.
  • Rescues: Innovative rescue vehicles from Rosenbauer are built to meet your department’s demands. These machines align with the most rigid requirements between the SMART CAB, Green Star IRT fuel efficiency and other innovations.
  • Tankers: With drop tank and dump valve options alongside the patent-pending CleanAir recirculation AirScrubber, Rosenbauer tankers deliver maximum productivity and efficiency.

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