Light and Air Trucks Listings

We had listed these trucks under the rescue section but really they are more suited to a separate section like this one where you can view trucks that are designed to either supply clean compressed air for SCBA’s or provide light and electricity remotely on a fire or rescue scene. If you dont see the truck you want in this section you may find the truck you are looking for under Used Rescue Trucks.

Used Air Trucks and Light Trucks for Sale

At Fenton Fire Equipment, we offer a marketplace that includes a comprehensive selection of fire and rescue vehicles. Not only do we offer traditional fire engines, ambulances and other rescue vehicles, we also offer air and light trucks for sale. If you’re in the market for a used SCBA, or if you need to buy a breathing apparatus for use by a municipal or volunteer fire department, you’ll find the products you’re looking for in our selection.
Because we offer used SCBAs and breathing apparatuses for sale, we help buyers find real value for their investment. Make sure you’re getting high-quality equipment and great value when you choose the selection of used air and light trucks you’ll find in the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace.

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Paid and volunteer firefighters are performing an essential role, risking their own safety to serve the communities where they work and live. When you’re in the market for a used SCBA for sale or when you need to buy a breathing apparatus, you need quality equipment that is going to provide the support these valiant firefighters need and deserve.
At Fenton Fire Equipment, our marketplace includes only high-quality equipment from trusted names in the industry. Our selection includes various options with different features and multiple price points. Get the performance, features and price point that you need when you trust our marketplace for a used SCBA for sale or buy a breathing apparatus.

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The Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace is designed to give you more used equipment options than you’ll find anywhere else. We believe it’s important for fire departments and other operations to have access to used SCBA and other equipment that matches their unique needs and requirements. Our wide selection helps ensure that any given visitor can find exactly what’s needed for the work ahead. Interested in financing? Learn how Fenton Fire can pre-qualify your department.

List Your Air Truck or Light Truck With Fenton Fire

Find used SCBAs for sale and other breathing apparatuses in our selection and take advantage of our marketplace when you need to sell air and light trucks. Listing your equipment is fast, simple and straightforward.
Start the process by submitting photos of your equipment as well as relevant specifications. Our team has a great deal of experience in this industry, and we can provide pricing and marketability guidance based on that experience if you need it. Once your equipment is listed on our site, we may expand the audience by sharing on social media and via email, depending on the listing.
As prospective buyers make inquiries and ask questions by phone, email or online chat, we’ll respond with the answers they need. You pay only a small fee based on the final sale price when a deal closes. You can always list your equipment in other marketplaces, too — there’s no exclusivity with Fenton Fire Equipment. You only pay if and when your truck sells directly to one of our marketplace users.
Search for the equipment you need on this page or begin the process of listing your equipment by filling out our online listing form today.

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