AFE Torpedo Nozzle

A360N Aluminum Torpedo Nozzle

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A360N Aluminum Torpedo Nozzle
The A360N is constructed with 6061 T6 structural aluminum tubing. With an overall 2″ OD and 1/8″ wall. All aluminum components are hard-coat anodized to meet NFPA specifications. This quality material gives our tools great durability, while at the same time, having the advantage of being light weight. There are 49 holes, each is machined at a different angle progressively. Each row of holes is offset 15 degrees, which gives off a balanced, atomized pattern. Hitting all areas inside a fire compartment. Because of the precise spacing of each hole, the torpedo nozzle is totally neutral while flowing water. This makes the tool very maneuverable on a fire ground, with little to no push back.

1 ½” Shut-off Valve
American Fire Equipment chose to use an 1 ½” Shut-off valve with a full flow water way for the Torpedo Nozzle set package. This item is a high-quality U.S. Made tool, manufactured for American Fire Equipment, by S&H Fire Products. It was very important to us to find an AMERICAN MADE valve, with a full water way to support the volume of flow rate that is required to sustain the desired gallons per minute in order for the ideal pattern discharge from the Torpedo.

Torpedo Extensions
In correspondence with the Torpedo Nozzle. Each Torpedo Extension is made with the same 6061 T6 Aluminum Tube, welded onto Standard 1 ½” NH hose couplers, and hard-coat anodized. The convenience of assembling this tool with standard hose couplers, makes for fast and easy assembly on the fire ground. As an added measure, American Fire Equipment installs a stainless alignment support sleeve in each extension for easy assembly, as well as added strength to the joint. Each department can choose their own combination of extension lengths. 8”, 10”, 12” extensions are in stock items. Additionally, because all Torpedo Nozzle components are made in-house, we can produce any custom length from 1” to 24”.

Options and Pricing

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  • Offered in multiple extension length combinations, to suit the needs of each individual department.
  • Sets include a standard aluminum Torpedo Nozzle, the desired extension, or extensions, and a 1 ½” shut-off valve.

Full Set up Price List

Part #Set-up List Price
A3608STorpedo Nozzle, 8′ Extension, Shut-off Valve$2,388
A36010STorpedo Nozzle, 10′ Extension, Shut-off Valve$2,465
A36012STorpedo Nozzle, 12′ Extension, Shut-off Valve$2,529
A36088STorpedo Nozzle, 8′ Extension, 8′ Extension, Shut-off Valve$3,125
A360810STorpedo Nozzle, 8′ Extension, 10′ Extension, Shut-off Valve$3,202
A360812STorpedo Nozzle, 8′ Extension, 12′ Extension, Shut-off Valve$3,266
A3601010STorpedo Nozzle, 10′ Extension, 10′ Extension, Shut-off Valve$3,279
A3601012STorpedo Nozzle, 10′ Extension, 12′ Extension, Shut-off Valve$3,343
A3601212STorpedo Nozzle, 12′ Extension, 12′ Extension, Shut-off Valve$3,407
If discrepancy exists between pricing shown above and pricing on American Fire Equipment Co.’s website, please refer to pricing on American Fire Equipment Co.’s website.

Component Price List

Part #ComponentList Price
A360NAluminum Torpedo Nozzle$1,372
A360SNStainless Torpedo Nozzle$1,989
A360V1.5″ Shut-off Valve$279
A3603E3′ Extension$637
A3604E4′ Extension$657
A3605E5′ Extension$677
A3608E8′ Extension$737
A36010E10′ Extension$814
A36012E12′ Extension$878
If discrepancy exists between pricing shown above and pricing on American Fire Equipment Co.’s website, please refer to pricing on American Fire Equipment Co.’s website.

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