Spartan Listings

Used Spartan Fire Trucks

For over a century, Spartan Emergency Response has remained a recognized fire equipment design and production innovator. Browse the available models on the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace to find a used Spartan fire truck that serves your department and budget well!

What Makes Spartan Unique

Spartan fire trucks are unique in their class, offering fire departments incredible customization potential and built-to-last quality. Agile Spartan models combine agility with durability and reliability to create vehicles that last years. Many departments choose Spartan fire trucks for their focus on:

  • Safety: Spartan trucks feature heavy-duty aluminum cabs, which boost fuel efficiency while maintaining the highest level of protection for firefighters on the job. In addition, Spartan fire trucks are equipped with Spartan Advanced Protection Systems (SAPS) and comprehensive air bag systems to ensure the crew remains safe during emergencies.
  • Ergonomics: Between equipment racks, hose loaders and the signature Tri-Max Space Body Design that provides more compartment space, Spartan fire trucks allow firefighters to operate efficiently while reducing their risk of injury.
  • Serviceability: With easily-accessible aftermarket parts available, departments can confidently repair and maintain their Spartan investments.

Update Your Fleet With Spartan Apparatuses

One of the most trusted names in the game, Spartan is most known for their:

  • Pumpers: The Spartan pumper line offers a wide range of options that can be customized to fit your unique regional and department needs. Choose between side mount and top mount pumpers that can navigate rural or urban environments and wildland apparatuses to handle more extreme conditions. These pumpers boast configurable compartments and two- and four-door options. They can also hold up to 1,500 gallons in their tanks.
  • Aerials: With Spartan, you can find ladders, platforms, water towers and tractor-drawn aerials to provide fast, efficient and safe access to high work locations. Capable of performing some of the tightest turn radiuses, many choose this company’s aerials for their industry-leading maneuverability.
  • Tankers: Crafted to surpass NFPA and DOT standards, Spartan Tankers hold up to 4,000 gallons of water supported by stainless steel construction. Choose between their wetside, elliptical and dryside options to find the best mobile water storage method for your department.

Explore Available Models 

Fenton Fire Equipment, the online marketplace for volunteer departments, career stations and collectors, is a great place to explore available used fire truck models. Browse our current listings to find the next used Spartan fire truck addition to your company’s fleet. Contact us online for more information!