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Pierce Fire Trucks

Founded in 1913, Wisconsin-based Pierce Manufacturing is one of the biggest and best-known manufacturers of fire trucks in the world. As a single-source manufacturer, they build their trucks from bumper to bumper with precision. They’re also a subsidiary of the Oshkosh Corporation, which means they have access to cutting-edge technology and revolutionary processes.

In 1939, Pierce built the first pumper on a Ford chassis with a Barton-American pump. Since then, they’ve been dedicated to producing new and improved fire apparatuses, becoming a leader in innovation for the industry. Over the years, they’ve developed safety and performance features such as side and front airbags, tilt cabs, suspension systems and other essential components that previously were not seen in fire apparatuses.

Today, firefighters throughout North America can trust Pierce as a trusted brand that manufactures each apparatus with them in mind. Pierce products all feature components that contribute to increased efficiency and enhanced safety to make work easier, faster and safer.

Many of our visitors find the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace when looking to buy Pierce fire trucks. Whether you work for a municipal fire department or serve as a volunteer firefighter, you’ll find a wide range of used Pierce fire truck options through our marketplace.

What Sets Pierce Apart?

With a 100-year manufacturing history, Pierce is a leader in fire truck production. Many qualities set the company apart, including:

  • Enhanced manufacturing capabilities: With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and Florida, Pierce has more than 1 million square feet of manufacturing space dedicated to creating fire apparatuses. These facilities are also ISO-9001 certified, meeting world-class standards for quality.
  • Cutting-edge technologies: As a subsidiary of the Oshkosh Corporation, Pierce has access to all the latest technologies, which allows them to produce fire apparatuses with advanced capabilities and features that will put your fire department ahead of the curve.
  • A large inventory: Pierce has all kinds of fire apparatuses, including PUCs, rescues, ladders, platforms, pumpers, and tankers. At Fenton Fire Equipment, we have many of these apparatuses available, including used Pierce fire trucks for sale and used Pierce engines.
  • An experienced team: Many Pierce employees are firefighters themselves, so they know firsthand the importance of what you do. They are driven to find solutions that will help you get your job done safely and efficiently.
  • Leadership in innovation: Over the years, Pierce has been the first to manufacture essential safety and performance features that set new industry standards. As a company always at the forefront of innovation, Pierce has the knowledge and capabilities to produce only the very best fire trucks and apparatuses.
  • Focus on safety: All Pierce fire apparatuses are designed with firefighter safety in mind. Features like front and side airbags as well as intuitive operator controls all contribute to fire trucks that are safer and can let you do your job with reduced risk and worry.

Types of Pierce Fire Apparatuses

Pierce manufactures many different types of fire apparatuses, including the following:

  • Custom chassis: Pierce custom chassis are designed with heavy-duty construction to withstand demanding use. They’re also made with enhanced maneuverability, so you can approach a scene and handle any obstacles with confidence. Pierce custom chassis include features for operator comfort and safety too, such as thick-walled castings, structural extrusions for increased durability, a rugged metal interior, intuitive controls, air conditioning and more.
  • Commercial chassis: Pierce builds on commercial chassis from Perterbilt, International, Freightliner, Kenworth and Ford. These streamlined stock options allow for competitive prices and flexibility, so they can work well for large municipal departments and small, rural customers alike.
  • AerialsWhen you need to tackle a risky situation, you need a ladder or platform you can count on. Pierce aerials are designed for reliable performance in even the harshest conditions, whether you’re putting a ventilation team on a roof or rescuing someone from a 10th-story window. Pierce aerial equipment is subject to advanced testing to ensure that it meets or exceeds NFPA 1901 standards. It’s also tested by third parties and certified in strict Type 1 requirements by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
  • PUC: Pierce PUC is the first tilt cab emergency response vehicle explicitly designed for modern fire duties. With the PUC, the pumphouse is eliminated, so your apparatus can be built around your specific needs rather than around the pump. It also minimizes fire suppression space and maximizes equipment space while still providing foam, CAFS and big pump capabilities. PUCs are available on aerials, pumpers and tankers.
  • PumpersPierce pumpers are available in a variety of body lengths. Whether you need a short body for greater mobility in urban areas, a medium body for extra storage space or a longer body to haul large amounts of water in a rural setting, plenty of options are available. Pierce also manufactures high-flow apparatuses for tackling large-scale industrial fires.
  • RescuesPierce rescues feature walk-in, nonwalk-in and combination apparatuses. Whether you need to prioritize storage space, personnel transport or a combination of the two, there’s a Pierce rescue apparatus that will meet your needs. And with a wide range of best-in-class features such as Command Zone prognostics and independent front suspension, your rescue department can count on Pierce rescues to be extremely safe and comfortable.
  • TankersWith a wide range of water capacities and equipment features, Pierce tankers offer the flexibility you need for transporting water to a fire scene. They can haul thousands of gallons of water with stowed equipment on both sides and still comfortably accommodate hose lines. In fact, they’re designed to transport all this while providing a smooth ride and enhanced maneuverability.


Leading the Way in Innovation

Pierce is known for creating innovative fire apparatuses, and they have a long history of leading the way with important developments in the industry. They were the first to introduce many equipment features that have become essential to fire apparatuses, such as airbags, aerial ladders and more. Their timeline of innovation follows:

  • 1984 and 1985: Created the first custom tilt cab (1984) and split-tilt cab (1985).
  • 1996: Developed Command Zone multiplexing in chassis and aerial apparatuses.
  • 2001: Manufactured an independent front suspension system known as Tak-4.
  • 2003: Implemented side airbag feature know as the Side Roll Protection System.
  • 2006: Introduced frontal airbags in the industry.
  • 2007: Redesigned the way the pump sits on the apparatus to reduce operational steps, improve safety, add space and increase tank size. The new apparatus was named the PUC.
  • 2015: Launched Ascendant 107-foot aerial ladder for a full vertical 107-foot reach.

Pierce continues to put forth innovations that set the standard for the best engineering, designs and features for fire apparatuses.

When you choose the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace, you’re sure to find a range of options. We offer various Pierce fire trucks at any given time, including options of varying ages, mileage and price points. No matter what you’re looking for and no matter your budget, you’ll find the ideal solution when searching our marketplace.

At Fenton Fire Equipment, we get new listings for used Pierce fire trucks for sale every day. From used Pierce engines and pumpers to tankers and water tenders to ladders and quints to rescue trucks, our listings reflect the large selection of Pierce fire apparatuses.

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