Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Iowa

Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Iowa

Iowa has a rich history of firefighting. Many cities and towns in Iowa rely on volunteer firefighters to protect their communities — the state is home to 850 fire departments and over 16,000 firefighters.

Ensure your station is ready for any situation with the best equipment available. Our wide range of used and pre-owned fire trucks in Iowa come from trusted manufacturers like Pierce, American LaFrance (ALF), Spartan, E-One, HME and others. Shop Fenton Fire Equipment for used gear, equipment and fire trucks for sale in Iowa today!

Used Fire Engines and Pumpers

Fire engines and pumpers are vital parts of every fire station. These specialized vehicles fight fires as efficiently as possible. Carry large amounts of water and use one of our used fire engines to fight fires from long distances. Fill these tanks with foam or specialized chemicals to help you put our fires better than with plain water alone.

A pumper is your best bet when your crew needs to carry significant amounts of water to the scene quickly. Choose one of the used pumpers for sale in Iowa to transport extra water tanks for situations when no municipal water supply is available. Arrive on the scene and fight fires more effectively than before.

Used Tankers for Sale in Iowa

You'll find everything you need, from small 1-ton capacity units to large 4-ton capacity models, here at Fenton Fire Equipment. These trucks are ideal if you need storage space or would like something to fill up at the station before venturing to the scene.

Maneuver around tight spaces like homes and businesses with pre-owned fire tenders and tankers — or focus on putting out larger fires quickly without having to refill during travel. Spray up to 3,000 gallons of water with these bestsellers. Browse our selection of used tankers today!

Used Ladder Trucks and Quints

Iowa is known for its rugged terrain and vast open spaces, which means some calls will require a used ladder truck or quint. With heights reaching over 100 feet, ladder trucks can reach areas a standard fire truck can't. Find your station's next used ladder truck for sale in Iowa by searching the listings at Fenton Fire Equipment.

The quintuple combination pumpers are the workhorses of fire stations. These trucks combine the abilities of a fire truck, ladder, engines, aerial and pumpers, allowing them to tackle any emergency. View our selection of pre-owned quintuple pumpers for sale, the most versatile of all firefighting vehicles.

Used Rescue Trucks for Sale in Iowa

You don't want to be stuck with a vehicle that doesn't have what you need when you're on call. Our used rescue trucks are ideal if you're looking for a vehicle that can hold your emergency supplies and equipment while handling rough terrain and weather conditions. With ample storage and 4x4 capabilities, our used rescue trucks are ready to rise to the occasion during times of crisis.

Used Command Chief Vehicles

Command chief vehicles are the heart of any fire department. They are designed to be the command and control center for your department's operations, so you'll want to choose one that can handle all your needs in a high-pressure situation.

We carry a wide range of used command chief vehicles to ensure you'll find one that meets your standards for quality and performance. These pre-owned command vehicles are fully equipped to help you get the job done. Many of the used command vehicles for sale in Iowa include light bars, sirens, storage space, radio coms and more.

Used Ambulances for Sale in Iowa

You can count on our used ambulances to be effective and affordable. Whether you're looking for a hospital-grade ambulance with lots of space or an easy-maneuver chassis, Fenton Fire Equipment has listings to fit your needs. View our selection of pre-owned ambulances, equipped with modern technology and safety features that will keep you and your passengers safe while on the road.

Other Used Fire Equipment

Fenton Fire Equipment is your one-stop shop for everything you need to keep your department running smoothly and safely. We have everything from tools and extrication equipment to sirens, light bars and truck parts. Our selection is vast and continually growing! Keep your team and community safe with the thermal imaging cameras, turbojet nozzles and emergency response kits you need on hand while responding to emergencies.

Whether you're replacing an old piece of equipment or want to add some new tools to your station's arsenal, Fenton Fire Equipment is ready to help you find the best fit for your needs with our selection of used fire equipment.

Antique Fire Trucks

If you're searching for an antique fire truck, look no further than Fenton Fire Equipment. We have a wide variety of old-fashioned fire trucks that are perfect for any collector or enthusiast. Our selection includes everything from the classic pumper to vintage ladder trucks. Whether you're browsing for inspiration or looking for something specific, you'll find the antique fire truck model you've been searching for here.

Browse Used Fire Truck Listings in Iowa

At Fenton Fire Equipment, we're committed to providing you with high-quality trucks, gear and products at prices your station can afford.

You can find our used fire trucks in neighborhoods all across Iowa. Enter your station's zip code to find trucks near you or contact our team so we can help you find what you're looking for. We're always working to ensure that we can help you find the best truck for your station, so reach out for more information when you're ready to purchase.

Fenton Fire Equipment is a leading provider of used firefighting equipment for sale in Iowa. We offer fire trucks, pumpers, tankers, aerial ladder trucks, rescue trucks and more from leading manufacturers including Piece, Rosenbauer and FME. Browse used fire truck listings in Iowa from truck dealers and private sellers today!