Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Kansas

Used Fire Trucks in Kansas

The tradition of Kansas firefighting has been passed down from generation to generation. A group of volunteers banded together in 1859 to put out a blaze that threatened the town of Lawrence, forming the first firefighting organization in the state. The crew had no formal training but worked together and saved the city.

In the years since then, many more organizations have emerged across the state to promote public safety and help prevent fires from spreading. Volunteers and career firefighters continue to work daily to protect their cities from danger and destruction.

Your station serves on the front lines of major fires that break out in Kansas cities, so you need the best equipment in the industry. Shop the equipment and gear you need at Fenton Fire Equipment.

Used Fire Engines and Pumpers for Sale in Kansas

Fire engines and pumpers are key to the success of fire stations. If you're looking for a used fire engine for sale in Kansas, Fenton Fire Equipment has you covered. We offer a wide selection of fire engines and pumpers from brands trusted in the industry, including, Pierce, Seagrave and Spartan.

Give your crew an extra advantage with a pumper. These trucks feature extra water tanks that allow them to store more water than traditional fire engines. Browse pre-owned fire engines and pumpers and find one that fits your station's needs and budget.

Used Tankers

If you're looking for a large truck that can do it all, our used tankers for sale are ideal. These specialized vehicles get the job done when water is needed on the scene quickly. Used tankers for sale in Kansas are perfect for any department looking to keep their firefighters safe while working on the front lines in an emergency.

Used Ladder Trucks and Quints

Ladder trucks and quints are available for those looking for more heavy-duty vehicles. These trucks reach higher levels to help your team put out fires or rescue people who need help getting down from tall buildings. Our ladders are available at various lengths, from 75 feet to over 100 feet. Check out our used ladder trucks for sale in Kansas now!

Many consider quint fire trucks a classic. These recognizable and reliable powerhouses feature modern designs to provide maximum protection to firefighters while on the scene. Used quintuple combination pumpers from Fenton Fire Equipment are ready for duty in your department today. Fight extreme conditions with a used quint for sale near your Kansas station.

Used Rescue Trucks for Sale in Kansas

When you need to quickly get to the scene of an accident or other emergency, it's crucial to have a vehicle that's up to the task. Many fire departments and other emergency response agencies use rescue trucks because they can do more than get from point A to point B.

Our pre-owned rescue trucks are designed specifically for use by first responders to save lives. Many come equipped with ladder capabilities, dump beds and sirens and flashing lights for emergencies.

Used Command Chief Vehicles

Command chief vehicles are designed to be the eyes and ears of a fire department when responding to a crisis call. Used command vehicles for sale in Kansas will provide a safe and comfortable ride to critical incidents. Rely on these vehicles to transport you to fires and other emergencies. Used command chief vehicles for sale in Kansas come equipped with specialized equipment such as radios and lights, allowing you to respond to emergencies effectively.

Used Ambulances

At Fenton Fire Equipment, we know that the equipment you use is essential to your safety and the safety of those you serve. Ambulances are a critical part of any emergency response system. You need to trust that your ambulance will allow you to provide the life-saving care your community requires.

We also know that budget is a huge consideration when purchasing new equipment, so we offer a wide range of listings at affordable prices. Choose a hospital-grade ambulance or van-style chassis. Whatever your needs, you can find the next used ambulance for your department right here.

Other Used Fire Equipment

When you need the right equipment to fight fires near you, you need it fast. That's why we don't just specialize in providing fire trucks — we also offer the other used fire equipment you need to do your job well.

Browse a wide selection of tools and equipment for sale in Kansas. If you're looking for light bars, hoses or new firefighting gloves, we can help you find what you need. Our used fire equipment, parts and accessories will help you keep your department running smoothly without breaking the budget.

Antique Fire Trucks

Fire trucks are some of the most impressive vehicles you will ever see. They're built to be tough and bolt to the scene of a fire. These trucks have been around for hundreds of years, but most people don't realize that you can still purchase antique models today!

At Fenton Fire Equipment, we offer many vintage models for collectors and enthusiasts. Many of these antique fire trucks for sale in Kansas are fully operational. Explore our selection of antique fire trucks for sale in Kansas and find your piece of firefighting history.

Browse Used Fire Trucks in Kansas

Fenton Fire Equipment is your source for used fire trucks for sale in Kansas. We'll help you find the right truck for your needs, whether you're a first responder or a private collector looking for an antique fire truck.

We have a wide selection of firefighting essentials in all shapes and sizes, so we're sure you'll find something that suits your budget. Enter your station's zip code to find trucks near you today! For more information about purchasing or answers to any questions you have, contact our team at Fenton Fire Equipment.