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Inventory #: W1280

PRICE: $45,000.00


2011 Ford F-350 4×4 Wildland (W1280)


2011 Ford F-350
6.2L Gas
Seats 3


All equipment pictured
2 BK radios
Husky chain saw
drip torch
all hand tools
all hoses and accessories.

This Type 6 Engine was built for prescribed fire, not suppression.
The CET skid unit was manufactured in 2004.
New SS output manifold, all-new intake plumbing.

New in 2020 – 1” booster hose, Scotty foam unit, 2-10’ draft hoses

Pump & Tank

150 GPM CET Pump
200 Gallon Poly Tank
Scotty Foam System
5 Gal


Milles: 89,000
6048 Hrs (2002 idle)
GVWF 4800
GVWR 6730

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