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Inventory #: W1292

PRICE: $29,500.00


1963 Studebaker M35 Brush Truck (W1292)


1963 Studebaker M35 Brush

12volt electrical
developed front and rear springs
Air-O-Matic power steering
front winch
11.00 x20 single tires.

The gas powered and early Multifuel powered M35
trucks were geared up with the T136 transfer case that had
a sprag for front axle engagement. Something like an over
running clutch. The motorist had no means to manually
engage the front axle. In the early 60s Memphis Equipment
created and marketed the Reb Ratio Compensator shift kit.
You removed the sprag equipment in the nose of the U/case
and installed the equipment set and a shift deal with. The
motorist then had full manual control of the front axle.

Truck was disrobed to the framework and rebuilt into a fire truck
in 1990 by Memphis Equipment they also restore the
engine as well and has just than 3300 miles Truck drives &
runs great would not take much to get this truck back into
complete service Truck is readily available for viewing

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