Your Guide to Quints

Your Guide to Quints

The firefighting industry is a demanding one. It requires you to stay on your toes and utilize the proper equipment to keep you and your community safe. Whether you operate in a volunteer or career capacity, modern quints can revolutionize how you approach emergencies. Take a look at what quints have to offer and how they can help you in times of need.

What Is a Quint Fire Truck?

A quint fire truck, also known as a quintuple combination pumper, combines the functions of a pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device and ground ladder into one convenient vehicle.

Standard quint features include:

  • Fire pump with a 1,000-gallon-per-minute minimum
  • Water tank of at least 300 gallons
  • 40-plus feet of enclosed storage
  • 85-plus feet of ground ladders
  • Hose storage
  • Elevated platform or aerial ladder
  • Suction hose

The Ultimate Firefighting Combination

The quint fire truck is the ultimate blend of firefighter equipment, providing the best of all worlds when it comes to fighting fires and providing rescue services. With this powerhouse vehicle, you can:

  1. Pay less to do more: Instead of buying multiple fire trucks, you can now buy one and use it for almost all your fire truck needs.
  2. Choose between different sizes and configurations: Whether you live in a region with narrow streets or often have to navigate tight turns, your department can choose between a variety of quint models to find one that perfectly matches your needs.
  3. Provide flexible support at the scene: With a wide spread of capabilities, a quint will allow you to adjust your approach to best suit each unique situation.
  4. Improve productivity: Quint fire trucks allow for increased productivity because there’s no need to wait around for another vehicle or have people go back and forth between them — your team can get right to work on their task without any delays.
  5. Save on maintenance costs: Designed as a single unit, a quint reduces the total number of vehicles needed for an operation, reducing your department’s overall maintenance and labor costs.

Search Available Vehicles at Fenton Fire Equipment Today

Firefighters need reliable equipment that will last them through years of service, making it essential for the vehicles you purchase to arrive equipped with the right features and conditions. Fortunately, Fenton Fire Equipment has a wide selection of new and used fire trucks, engines and other firefighting apparatuses to suit your needs. 

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