7 Tips for photographing your used fire truck

If a photo speaks a thousand words, that goes double for a shot of something you’re trying to sell. From ladder trucks to tankers and everything in between, getting the photos right is important. Keep these tips in mind when snapping pictures of your pre-owned fire truck to up your chances of selling faster – and for a better price.

1. Be mindful of your photo’s background

Set the scene before you start. Your fire truck should be the focal point of the shot, but the background still matters. Having too much of the wrong thing in the background – an old junk pile, broken down machinery, or a whole lot of mud – distracts potential buyers from choosing your used fire truck. 

2. Take a picture of the fire truck outside

Outside is better. Photos of used fire trucks taken inside the station are never as good as those shot outside in natural light. Choose your spot wisely with the station or green space in the background, so potential buyers can picture themselves there. 

3. Wash your fire truck beforehand

Cleanliness counts. Any previously owned fire truck will shine up like a new penny if you give it a good wash before taking pictures. Wash the fire truck before you shoot, and don’t forget the tires. 

4. Take pictures from multiple angles

Play the angles. We see a lot of photos. Those that capture a used fire truck from a great angle always stand out from the crowd. The best of the best are shot from the driver’s side, showing the front and side of the vehicle. Kneel down and shoot upwards to give the full scope and scale of the fire truck. 


5. Take photos of inside compartments

Open up. If you’ve got compartments, open them up along one entire side, and grab some photos. This gives potential buyers a peek inside, and helps them understand the lay-out. You want buyers to see everything a previously owned fire truck like yours has to offer. 


6. Grab photos of the fire truck’s interior

Let us in. Anyone considering buying a used fire truck wants a glimpse of the interior. Be sure to grab photos of the dashboard, the instrument panel, and any wear and tear (especially the condition of the seats). You want to give people as accurate a view as possible. 


7. Highlight special features with pictures

Sound the siren. If your fire truck has something special or unique about it, make sure you capture some photos. Got a tilt cab? Set it up and snap a shot. Great photos show what sets your used fire truck apart. If yours has something special, shout about it.