Tips for Buying a Used Fire Truck

Tips for Buying a Used Fire Truck

Buying a fire truck for your volunteer fire station is a crucial decision. There’s no price too high when it comes to saving people’s lives, but you know there’s a limit to your budget. You need to buy a quality fire truck to protect your community without breaking the bank.

You can save money for your fire station and still get a reliable fire engine when you buy a used fire truck through Fenton Fire Equipment, Inc. Read on to discover some advice for purchasing a used fire truck. When your neighbors call upon you, you’ll be ready for action. 

How to Buy a Used Fire Truck

Use the following 10 ideas as you begin your used fire truck search.

  1. Figure out your budget: Your volunteer fire station’s funding affects your fire truck budget. The money you have at your disposal for this significant investment directly impacts the fire engine you choose. Smaller budgets may limit your options, but you can still find a serviceable fire truck at a price that fits your means when you shop used. Determine how much you can spend, so you can save time during your used fire truck search.
  2. Know the truck’s purpose: There are many types of fire trucks on the market. As you search online, you’ll notice various distinctions between fire engines. These differences can affect how the fire truck functions in some situations. If you know you need the truck to fulfill specific purposes, you can narrow your used fire truck search to look for those. 
  3. Choose a truck with the right features: Fire trucks are full of onboard features that help firefighters do their jobs in various scenarios. Ensure the used fire truck you choose can perform the essential operations you rely on in your city or town. For example, you may need to look for a defined water tank capacity or a ladder height that can reach your area’s highest window. 
  4. Make a list of necessary vs. nonessential features: All the bells and whistles of fire trucks can be overwhelming during your search. You want to be sure to avoid paying for anything you don’t need. A list of essential vs. nonessential features will help you narrow down “must-haves” for the used fire truck you choose. If you have wiggle room in your budget, you can start incorporating the nonessential features into your search. 
  5. Decide if you need any special or custom features: Every fire station has different needs for their fire truck. That could mean installing custom storage compartments on the fire truck or making sure there’s room for an onboard generator. If some of the items on your “essential features” list need custom components, ensure the used fire truck can accommodate those needs. 
  6. Know how many firefighters you need it to carry: If you have a large crew, you’ll need to look for a fire truck that can carry many passengers. Ensure there is enough room for all the personnel and gear you’ll need to handle any fire emergency that arises in your city or town. 
  7. Look for a truck that meets your weather conditions: Every town across the United States experiences different weather patterns. That’s why you need a fire truck that is ready to handle any climate conditions Mother Nature might throw at it. When searching for a used fire truck for sale, make sure it can operate in your area’s weather, especially if your town experiences extreme conditions. 
  8. Remember who will be driving it: The used fire truck you choose should match the skill level of the people operating it. If your driver isn’t familiar with handling larger or bulkier fire trucks, you may need to search for one within their ability range. If you have skilled fire truck drivers on your team, you should feel confident about getting a bigger or more complex truck. Get the most out of your fire truck by matching it to your team’s skill level.
  9. Ask about getting a warranty on your used fire truck: See if you can get a warranty on your used fire truck when you buy it. This coverage will provide peace of mind as your station begins using the “new-to-you” fire truck. If something breaks or malfunctions, the warranty may cover your repair costs. When duty calls, you don’t want to worry that your fire truck isn’t up for the challenge. 
  10. Choose to work with a reputable fire truck broker: Buy your station’s used fire truck from a dealer who has established a trustworthy reputation throughout the industry. An honest broker will make the process easier for you and provide you with a quality used fire truck. Skip shady dealers or mysterious private sellers. Choose a broker you can trust with this crucial decision. 
Used Fire Trucks from Fenton Fire

Used Fire Trucks From Fenton Fire Equipment, Inc.

Fenton Fire Equipment is the reputable used fire truck broker you can trust. People from coast to coast trust us to sell their fire trucks, making the process easier for them and their buyers. Here’s how our process works:

  1. The seller submits photos and specifications of their fire truck to us by filling out our online form
  2. We look over this information and offer the seller a free appraisal and suggestions on prices and marketability.
  3. We post the used fire truck to our website to find the right buyer for the seller. Our diverse audience and robust marketing efforts amplify the message.
  4. We answer all calls and inquiries, so the seller doesn’t have to.
  5. When we find the right buyer, we connect them with the seller to complete the deal.

We don’t take any money until the transaction concludes. That’s why we put so much care into selling high-quality used fire trucks at an affordable price. When you shop our inventory of used fire trucks, you’ll know you’re getting the best deal on an excellent fire truck for your station. 

Trust Fenton Fire Equipment

Trust Fenton Fire Equipment for Your Station’s Next Used Fire Truck

Fire trucks are essential to fighting fires and saving lives in every community. You and your comrades put your lives on the line every day to protect people, so you need a used fire truck you can count on. The firefighting community trusts Fenton Fire Equipment when they need to buy or sell a used fire truck, and you can too. 

Our services are pressure-free. We allow our sellers to use other sales channels besides ours, so there are no hidden agendas. When you browse our listings, you’ll know you’re getting honest pricing for a fire truck that will last. Call us today at 866-310-2077 for more information.