Fire Truck FAQ

Fire trucks are a staple of American life. They’re a symbol of strength, bravery and community. If you’ve ever wondered why firetrucks look the way they do or how they work, you’re in luck! Fenton Fire Equipment’s fire truck FAQ will answer your burning questions about these iconic vehicles. 

What Are the Colors of Fire Trucks?

Fire trucks are a common sight in many communities. Their painted in bright colors to catch your attention and make you aware of an emergency. 

  • Red: The most common color for fire trucks today is classic “fire engine” red, which has been the predominant color since the early 20th century
  • Lime-yellow: Some fire companies have adopted lime-yellow as the standard color for their vehicles. Lime-yellow has proved to have better daytime visibility than other colors, create fewer accidents in transit and pose less risk for fire crews and civilians.
  • Orange: Fluorescent orange gained popularity for the same reason — visibility. The bright color is easy to spot from a distance, making it perfect for emergency vehicles. 

Fire Engines vs. Fire Trucks

Although fire engines and trucks both transport firefighting personnel and gear to the emergency scene, these similar-appearing vehicles operate in vastly different capacities.

What Is a Fire Engine?

A fire engine, also known as a pumper, is smaller and more compact than a fire truck. These workhorse vehicles often arrive at the scene first and enable crews to extinguish fires at their source. A fire engine features water pumps, tanks and hoses that help it put out fires more quickly and efficiently than some other firefighting vehicles.

What Is a Fire Truck?

A fire truck is a particular type of emergency vehicle that appears larger and longer than most fire engines. These vehicles are geared toward victim rescue, ventilation, forced entry and combating out-of-control fires. They feature ladders and rescue equipment to help firefighters reach the scene of a blaze quickly and safely.

How Much Do Fire Trucks Weigh?

Fire trucks typically weigh between 19 and 30 tons. The exact weight depends on the type of truck, its size and the amount of equipment it carries.

How Much Water Can a Fire Truck Hold?

A standard fire engine will hold anywhere from 500-750 gallons of water. However, when dealing with an unruly blaze, many fire departments supplement that supply with a water tanker, as these vehicles can haul over 3,000 gallons of water at a time.

How Fast Does a Fire Truck Pump Water?

Fire trucks can pump anywhere from 300-1,500 gallons per minute. The number of gallons per minute a fire truck pumps is determined by the pump’s size and the pressure it produces.

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