Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's thriving community, natural beauty and Great Lakes coastline should be protected with the best equipment. With over 700 fire departments in the state, Wisconsin's firefighters need the tools to prepare their station for anything. If you're searching for pre-owned fire trucks for sale in your area, you can shop Fenton Fire's local selection.

Used Fire Engines and Pumpers

Upgrade your station with a pre-owned fire engine in excellent working condition. We carry the brands you know and love, including Pierce, Seagrave and Spartan. With our used fire engines, you can fight fires with equipment that will last for your station and save your budget.

Our pumper trucks are a popular option for many Wisconsin stations. If you're looking for a truck with great value and up to 1,000-gallon tanks, you can browse our used pumpers. These apparatuses are all over the state and can provide excellent firefighting capabilities for you and your team.

Used Tankers for Sale

Our highest-selling item is our used tankers. These life-saving trucks allow your station to arrive at an emergency quickly and put out fires with high-pressure water tanks. Some of our listings reach up to 3,000 gallons of water capacity. Shop our local options for tankers and water tenders so you can feel confident handling even the toughest incidents.

Used Ladder Trucks and Quints for Sale in Wisconsin

Ladder fire trucks allow your team to reach heights in multistory buildings and save lives in your community. Whether your station is in Madison or Milwaukee, having an effective ladder truck in your department is a valuable tool. Browse our used ladder trucks for sale in Wisconsin to find the height, size and brand that's right for you.

Most stations would be incomplete without a quintuple combination pumper, otherwise known as a quint. We provide used quints for sale in your area so you can find an affordable and functional option. These trucks have 100-foot ladders, high-capacity tanks and elevated platforms for an all-in-one apparatus.

Used Rescue Trucks

Rescue is a crucial step in an emergency mission, so we provide the vehicles to help you get it done. With both medical vehicles and rescue trucks available, our options range from small to industrial size. We can meet your station's needs with a wide selection of rescue trucks for sale in your community. Browse Fenton Fire for new options every day.

Used Chief Vehicles

Your fire chief may need to meet the team in an emergency, so it's crucial to have a command truck. We sell used command vehicles in Wisconsin with unique features like light bars, radios and sirens. All of our listings are in working order or otherwise noted. With brands like Ford, Chevy and GMC, our command trucks are as strong as your department's leader.

Used Ambulances for Sale

A successful operation requires fast, effective and well-fit equipment. Ambulances are a worthy investment for your emergency response department. Our used ambulance listings include a wide range of options that save money in your budget. Choose from type 1, 2 and 3 ambulances or medical vehicles to continue saving lives in your area.

Other Used Fire Equipment for Sale

If your department needs to replace various objects, we supply a range of miscellaneous equipment to fulfill your station's checklist of items. With the best tools, you can help your department optimize its daily operations and emergency missions.

You can ensure a better department with new and lightly used equipment to replace your old items. Many of these tools are in excellent condition or completely unused. Choose from small nozzles to large truck bodies for whatever your station needs to succeed. When you shop from Fenton Fire, you save money on products already in your area.

Antique Fire Trucks in Wisconsin

Shopping for an antique fire truck can be a once-in-a-lifetime process. At Fenton Fire, we have options for every buyer, whether you're a collector or an active firefighter. Our listings include vintage engines from the 1920s to the 1980s. Our selection increases every day, but each listing is one of a kind, so shop our pre-owned antique trucks today.

Browse Used Fire Truck Listings in Wisconsin

When you shop at Fenton Fire Equipment, you can save your department money and find equipment to meet your every need. We update our online marketplace daily with new listings in Wisconsin. Our local options include every piece of equipment your station may need to continue doing excellent work.

Browse our Badger State listings for used fire trucks, engines and equipment to help your department succeed. When you find a product you like, you can input your zip code to see its distance from your station. To start shopping, reach out to our team online for more information about any product.