Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Pennsylvania

Whether career or volunteer, firefighting is an excellent way to serve your community. Here in Pennsylvania, we are proud of our heritage as the birthplace of the volunteer fire company. In 1736, Benjamin Franklin founded the Union Fire Company, and the modern volunteer service began. Today, even though Pennsylvania has the most fire stations out of all states, the vast majority of the departments are still volunteer-based.

At Fenton Fire Equipment, we are dedicated to providing our firefighters with the vehicles and equipment they need to serve their local community. On our site, you'll be able to search one of the largest firefighting pre-owned listings on the web and view pictures and model details so you can find the right equipment for your station.

Used Fire Engines and Pumpers

Fire engines, or pumpers, are mainly used for firefighting. These trucks are equipped with a water tank and pump, as well as different types of hoses and equipment so that firefighters are fully prepared once they arrive on the scene. Occasionally, they'll also be used for emergency medical or rescue calls.

We only list high-quality used fire engines and pumpers for sale in Pennsylvania. To make searching for your pre-owned engine or pumper easier, we list them by age on our site — the newer ones will be at the top of the page, while the older ones will be at the bottom. Regardless of the age though, these engines are ready to be used right away.

Used Tankers for Sale

Tankers are necessary for transporting thousands of gallons of water to a fire scene. They are particularly useful in rural areas, which tend to lack fire hydrants. Adding a used tanker to your municipal or volunteer fire station ensures you have the equipment needed to save both the property and people's lives in your local community.

Fenton Fire Equipment lists used tankers for sale in Pennsylvania that can hold anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 gallons of water. These tankers are manufactured from the leading brands in the industry, so you can be confident you are getting quality equipment that can stand up to the task of fighting fires day after day.

Used Ladder Trucks and Quints

A ladder truck should be a staple in any fire station. Having one available allows firefighters to access and rescue victims from higher floors in buildings such as residences, hotels and workplaces. Similar to a ladder truck is a quintuple, which is more commonly referred to as a quint. This apparatus is essentially a combination of a fire truck, engine, aerial, water pump and ladder.

Fenton Fire Equipment has both used ladder fire trucks and used quints so your fire station can easily find the tools needed to carry out life-and-death rescues. To best meet your needs, our marketplace is filed with ladder trucks that have different ladder types and lengths. You'll be able to choose from everything ranging from 100-foot ladder trucks to telesquirts.

Even though we have both older and state-of-the-art ladder trucks available, you can be confident that regardless of which one you buy, you'll be receiving a fully functional truck — unless noted otherwise. Similarly, the aerials we have in our marketplace vary, but you can usually expect to find 100-foot quints and mid-mount quints.

Used Chief/Command Vehicles

Fire chief and command vehicles tend to be either trucks or SUVs. Both the fire chief and chief's aide will be able to effectively perform their roles in emergency situations with a smaller sized apparatus. These vehicles, which are marked to show the fire chief's position, also come with lightbars, long and short wave radios and sirens.

For affordable command fire vehicles, be sure to check out our selection of cars, trucks and SUVs. We have pre-owned listings from the vehicle brands you know and trust like GMC, Chevy and Ford. Each one is inspected because you deserve a reliable vehicle when you and your firefighters are responding to calls. Trust Fenton Fire Equipment to supply your fire station with vehicles that are in good working condition and meet fire safety standards.

Other Used Fire Equipment Available in Pennsylvania

Firefighters need a wide range of fire equipment to effectively get the job done. Whether you need to pry open a car door to safely exact a car crash victim or you need a complete lot of Hurst tools to have on hand, Fenton Fire Equipment has all the used fire equipment you are looking for.

You'll find quality brands including Hannay, Hurst and Centaur. Our extraction tools include everything from spreaders to rams to Jaws of Life so your fire station can be prepared for a variety of rescue situations. We also have loose and miscellaneous firefighting equipment on our marketplace including firetruck parts, sirens and light bars.

Browse Used Fire Truck Listings in Pennsylvania

Here at Fenton Fire Equipment, we can help you determine which fire apparatus or equipment is right for your fire station. All of the fire equipment we list in our marketplace has been sourced from qualified sellers, so you can feel confident in whatever you purchase from our site. You'll be able to input your zip code so you can find the fire equipment you need nearby. With each listing, we'll always ensure you have quality images and detailed specifications so you can make informed decisions.

If at any time you have any questions regarding one of our listings, please reach out to us. You can either give us a call at 1-866-310-2077 or fill out our online form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Antique Fire Trucks

Antique fire trucks aren't just for collectors — many of them can still fight fires even though they were manufactured decades ago. Fenton Fire Equipment has a wide selection of antique fire trucks, featuring different price points, colors, styles and options.

Because they are from decades prior, we always take special precautions to ensure they are still quality vehicles. You can be confident that the antique fire trucks listed in our marketplace have been checked to validate the condition and value of it.

Used Ambulances for Sale

An ambulance is essential for transporting patients who are facing life-threatening injuries. These vehicles don't just transfer patients to and from the hospital, though — they are designed to allow EMTs to stabilize and deliver life-saving care to the patient before they reach the hospital.

There are three different types of ambulances:

  • Type 1: This type is essentially an ambulance module on a truck chassis.
  • Type 2: Type 2 is a van-style that is commonly used by hospitals.
  • Type 3: This type is built on a cutaway van chassis.

Fenton Fire Equipment carries all three types of pre-owned ambulances with various features and capabilities. Browse the different price points and ages depending on what your fire station's needs are. Regardless of what you choose, you'll be able to enjoy a reliable vehicle with low mileage — all for an affordable price.

Used Rescue Trucks

Whether they are used for responding to a house fire or a car crash, rescue trucks are an indispensable apparatus to have in any municipal or volunteer fire station. Some rescue trucks will have areas to store equipment, too. Typically, though, a fire station will have a variety of rescue vehicles. This is because each truck is often customized based on where they operate and what types of rescue situations they are most often used for.

To ensure your fire station can respond to a variety of rescue calls, Fenton Fire Equipment adds used fire truck listings to our site every day. Browse through categories including heavy rescue trucks, 4x4 rescue trucks and walk-in rescue trucks. We ensure each vehicle is in working condition, so you can start utilizing it in your station right away.