Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Oregon

In Oregon, there are just as many volunteer firefighters as there are paid career firefighters. These individuals combat community fires, emergencies and the many wildfires that occur throughout the state. If your Oregon fire department needs some equipment to help you protect your community, Fenton Fire Equipment can help.

Fenton Fire Equipment is home to one of the largest online collections of pre-owned firefighting equipment and used fire trucks in Oregon. We work hard to verify every listing, so you can shop with confidence that you're getting a fair price for each apparatus.

Used Fire Engines and Pumpers in Oregon

When a fire starts, the first vehicles on the scene are often fire engines or pumpers. These vehicles transport firefighters to the area and typically come with water tanks, pumps, hoses and other equipment needed to begin fighting a fire before additional personnel and tools arrive.

At Fenton Fire Equipment, you'll find a range of affordable used pumpers for sale in Oregon, including side-mount, 1000-gallon and 4x4 models from some of the top manufacturers like HME, Seagrave and Pierce. Our team has verified every fire engine model listed, ensuring many of these vehicles can go to work right away with no major repairs.

Used Tankers for Sale in Oregon

Tankers and water tenders are some of the most popular trucks we sell to volunteer fire departments. In rural areas with limited access to reliable water sources, these vehicles are vital for transporting large quantities of water to the scene of a fire to begin extinguishing the flames, saving lives and property. Our listings for used tankers and water tenders include affordable models from well-known manufacturers and brands like International, Pierce, Freightliner and Peterbilt. We've got trucks with a range of capacities to meet any fire department's demands, including 1,000, 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000 gallons.

Used Quints and Ladder Trucks for Sale in Oregon

Firefighters employ ladder trucks to reach high buildings to conduct rescues and fight fires. These trucks are a fundamental part of any fire department's vehicle fleet, providing them with the reach they need to tackle any fire. Our selection of ladder trucks includes a wide range of options, including mid-mount ladder trucks, 100-foot ladder trucks, aerialscopes and telesquirts.

Quints, a short-hand name for quintuples, offer added functionality by combining features of ladder trucks with those of fire trucks, engines, water pumps and aerials. These multifunctional vehicles offer less space for additional equipment, but their versatility is ideal for situations where manpower or response times may be uncertain.

Our marketplace carries numerous affordable ladder trucks and used quints for sale in Oregon so you can find the perfect fit for your department. If you're not sure what type of ladder truck, quint or aerial is right for your area, we're glad to help you decide which model will best fit your budget and needs.

Used Rescue Trucks for Sale in Oregon

Many fire stations have multiple rescue trucks with specialized equipment allowing them to provide medical care and patient transportation in several emergency situations, such as fires, car accidents, hazmat exposure and water rescues. These trucks can be highly customized to take on different tasks for maximum success.

Fenton Fire Equipment lists new, verified used rescue trucks on our marketplace every day, so your station can always find affordable options you can use to begin building or adding to your fleet. Our rescue trucks include 4x4s, walk-ins and heavy rescue trucks from trusted brands like HME, KME, Spartan, SVI and Pierce. Many of the trucks listed on our site are in good working order and can be used immediately.

Used Chief/Command Vehicles for Sale in Oregon

Equip your fire chief and chief's aides with used chief/command vehicles from Fenton Fire Equipment. Command vehicles are usually trucks or SUVs assigned to chiefs and their aides to ensure these individuals are properly marked and can effectively get to the scene of an emergency and conduct their duties. These vehicles feature lights, sirens and short- and long-wave radios that allow them to safely navigate traffic and stay in communication with their team. Many of the chief/command vehicles available in our listings can also serve for police or EMS.

Browse our marketplace to find affordable used chief/command vehicles for your team. At Fenton Fire Equipment, we inspect every vehicle to ensure they're reliable, accurately represented and priced and meet fire safety standards. Our listings include as much detail as possible about each vehicle so you can feel confident you're making an informed decision about your purchase.

Used Ambulances for Sale in Oregon

When an emergency like a car accident or fire occurs, fire stations rely on ambulances to provide immediately lifesaving medical care and transportation to a nearby hospital. Ambulances contain medical supplies and trained personnel to help stabilize critical patients and ensure they have the best chance of survival, even in the worst circumstances.

We offer many reliable used ambulances with a wide range of features and capabilities, including all three ambulance categories:

  • Type one: Ambulance modules are mounted to normal truck chassis with cabs like pickup trucks.
  • Type two: Type two consists of the van-style ambulances you commonly see at hospitals.
  • Type three: Ambulance modules mount to cutaway van chassis, with a doorway between the cab and module.

Other Used Fire Equipment for Sale in Oregon

Firefighters are often the first emergency responders to arrive at a scene. Whether there's a fire, car accident or another type of emergency, each situation will require a specialized set of tools to handle the rescue and ensure all parties are safe. Stock your trucks with all the tools and miscellaneous equipment you need by purchasing used items from Fenton Fire Equipment.

We offer a wide range of loose tools and equipment to help you effectively tackle any situation. Whether you need reels and jaws of life to pry open a crashed car or are looking for new lights and sirens for a vehicle, you can stay within your budget with our high-quality used options.

Antique Fire Trucks in Oregon

We like antique trucks for many reasons. They're beautiful time machines that transport us through history and give us a glimpse at what life was like in the past. There's also the excitement of the hunt and the exclusivity of finding an antique few others have. Whatever your reason for seeking antique trucks, Fenton Fire Equipment has the antique fire trucks and vintage equipment you're looking for.

Our listings include vintage fire trucks, apparatus and equipment from the 1930s to the late 1980s. Many of these antiques are still functional for firefighting. We work hard to ensure our antique fire trucks and equipment are accurately valued, so you always get the best price for each item.

Browse Used Fire Truck Listings in Oregon

Fenton Fire Equipment has all the used fire trucks you need to ensure your volunteer or municipal fire department is prepared for any call. If you need financial assistance for your purchase, we offer several financing options for flexible payment plans.

To find out more about our listings or get help determining what equipment you may need, reach out to our team online or call us at 1-866-310-2077. We're available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day to give you any guidance you may need to complete your purchase.