Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Ontario

The Ontario Fire Department was established in 1892 and has fearlessly served the region's residents ever since. With over 200 personnel on staff today, the Ontario Fire Department has remained committed to ensuring everyone has access to safe, reliable fire protection.

On Fenton Fire Equipment's online platform, you can find the tools and equipment you need to keep your department running efficiently. From fire trucks to breathing equipment and everything in between, our listings include the top brands in the industry, like Pierce Manufacturing Company, Mack Trucks Inc. and more. Get the best deals on the products you need so you can put your money where it matters most — keeping your community safe.

Used Fire Engines in Ontario

Fire engines and pumpers are a vital part of any fire service. These essential vehicles transport crews safely, carry equipment and put out fires quickly with water tanks and pumps. View Fenton Fire Equipment's listings to find the used fire engine that can better assist in situations like rescue operations, accidents, wildfires and more.

Pre-Owned Tankers

Pre-owned tankers, also known as water tenders, offer the perfect solution for departments that need to reach remote locations or operate independently in areas with few fire hydrants. Our tactical and support tankers can transfer up to 3,000 gallons of water to give your crew unparalleled support.

Previously Used Ladder Trucks and Quints

Expand your fleet with tested and proven vehicles that have already experienced their initial depreciation. Reach higher locations with a ladder truck or choose a quint to combine the benefits of a pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device and ground ladders into one multipurpose truck. Choose between ladder trucks and quints to find the model best suited for your typical calls.

Chief Vehicles for Sale

When responding to an emergency, you need everyone on deck, including your chief. A command vehicle will allow your chief to ride out with other field responders, keep up at all times and provide more accurate information about the situation. Leave less room for error and reduce injuries and damage with a chief vehicle stocked with communication gear, light bars, sirens and more.

Pre-Owned Rescue Trucks

Firefighting equipment needs to be durable, flexible, and capable of storing tools and transporting personnel. Rescue trucks are customizable to meet these needs and come with various features depending on the location in which they will operate. Discover which used rescue truck model matches your department's demands today.

Used Ambulances for Sale

Shopping used ambulances is an excellent way to secure this essential equipment while stretching your budget. Used ambulances can help your department transport community members and save lives. View Fenton Fire Equipment's ambulance listings today.

Other Fire Fighting Equipment

Keeping your firefighting crew prepared and ensuring they're as safe as possible involves a lot of critical gear. You can find it all at Fenton Fire Equipment, whether you're looking for specific pieces or loose and miscellaneous equipment.

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At Fenton Fire Equipment, we have a simple, full-service process to connect you to the necessary tools for your work, plus a team that's happy to help you find anything your department needs. Just put in your zip code to find listings in Ontario for used fire trucks. If you need any assistance, contact our team online today!