Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Ohio

With 1,134 registered fire departments, Ohio is a state bustling with firefighters. At Fenton Fire, we make it easy to buy used fire trucks in the Buckeye State. From tankers to chief vehicles, we have a wide variety of fire equipment and apparatuses. Choose from your preferred vehicle brands like Pierce, Seagrave and Spartan. At consistently affordable prices, our used fire trucks are a deal you won't want to miss.

Used Pumpers and Fire Engines

Fire stations across Ohio look to us for high-quality used fire engines and pumpers. We offer the most popular brands for you to choose the best engine for your station. Our Fenton Fire team does a detailed quality check on all listed fire engines so you can trust their durability.

Browse our pre-owned pumpers for an excellent array of apparatuses with tanks. Our used pumpers have a wide range of water capacity, with some of our listings boasting tanks that can fit as much as 1,000 gallons. You can find a variety of model years for local engines and pumpers, including anything from 1985 to just a few years old.

Used Tankers

When you choose Fenton Fire for used tankers, you will have access to functional and practical equipment for your department. Our used tankers are our most sought-after listings. These trucks, which can have up to 3,000-gallon tank capacities, can supply plenty of water to your fireground. With options for pumper tankers and water tenders, you can find the truck that's right for your station.

Used Ladder Trucks and Quints for Sale

If your station is in larger cities like Columbus, Toledo or Cleveland, you may need equipment to rescue civilians in tall buildings. Our used ladder trucks can reach hundreds of feet upward and make your rescue mission much more effective. Choose from our aerial and ladder truck collection to find the ideal option for your station's needs.

Many of our listings also include quints with large water tanks to aid your mission. Each truck has helpful features to maximize your efficiency as a team. These vehicles are named for their quintuple function as a fire engine, ladder, pumper, aerial and truck. You can find a robust variety of used quints for sale in Ohio when you shop Fenton Fire.

Used Rescue Trucks

Rescue trucks are crucial components of a successful fire department. Our used rescue trucks for sale in Ohio come in various sizes and transportation abilities. Choose from small emergency medical service (EMS) trucks to industrial trailers for your rescue equipment. Citizens will thank you when you invest in a high-quality rescue truck to assist them in an emergency.

Used Command Vehicles

Fire chiefs should have efficient equipment to help their team throughout emergencies. At Fenton Fire, we sell pre-owned command vehicles. Getting a high-quality piece of equipment allows the senior officers at your station to respond to an incident quickly. Browse our listings of command vehicles to upgrade your station's selection.

Used Ambulances for Sale

Your entire community benefits when your station has a dependable ambulance. At Fenton Fire, we sell used ambulances for Ohio fire stations that want to respond to accidents and emergencies with the best tools. Depending on the provider, some of these listings may include medical equipment like gurneys or oxygen tanks.

Other Used Fire Equipment

There is always more to browse from our selection of miscellaneous equipment. We encourage stations to keep an eye on our loose equipment listings. You never know when you'll need a new fire nozzle or compressed air pump.

You can save big when you buy pre-owned miscellaneous equipment. All our listings are in excellent condition or note any product flaws if applicable. You can find anything from a used siren to a new pair of rescue gloves through our online marketplace.

Antique Fire Trucks in Ohio

If you are looking for a fully functional vintage truck, we have the selection for you. Our antique fire trucks for sale go through a detailed vetting process to determine any problems. Some of the listings include fire trucks in beautiful condition from as early as the 1920s. Browse our selection of antique fire trucks, pumpers and engines for an affordable price.

Search for Used Fire Truck Listings in Ohio

Shopping for used fire trucks in Ohio just got easier. At Fenton Fire, we have new listings every day for you to explore. You can trust our equipment to last your station a long time, whether it's a small piece of machinery or an industrial-size truck.

Once you have your eye on something you like, you can input your zip code to see how far it is from your station. If you have questions, please reach out to us online with the product's inventory number for more information.