Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Maryland

When looking for fire trucks and equipment, you always want to make an informed decision and know exactly what you're getting. Sometimes, the process can seem challenging, and you either can't find what you're looking for or don't know where to begin. Luckily, Fenton Fire Equipment has a solution to fix all of that.

We offer one of the largest selections of used fire trucks and parts in Maryland. We have everything you need, from engines and pumpers to ladders and tankers. We give you photos and detailed descriptions of every product so you can be confident in what you're getting. Shop locally to find used fire trucks in Maryland and equipment in your area.

Used Fire Engines and Pumpers

Check out our selection of used fire engines and pumpers in Maryland. We offer great equipment for volunteer fire stations looking for affordable, quality vehicles they can trust. We offer engines from quality brands, including:

  • Spartan
  • KME
  • Peirce
  • Seagrave
  • E-One

You can search for the best option for your needs from these brands and others. Getting the proper fire engines and pumpers is essential, as you want to find equipment you can rely on in emergencies. Fenton Fire Equipment offers reliable used pumpers that can get the work done.


Used Tankers

Tankers allow you to store thousands of gallons of water for convenience. During times of crisis, having water on hand can be the crucial advantage you need. Fenton Fire Equipment offers a wide range of tankers to choose from, ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 gallons.

Water tankers also offer ways to access water when a hydrant isn't around. With all of the choices to browse at Fenton Fire Equipment, you're sure to find something you like for your local Maryland fire station.

Used Ladder Trucks and Quints

Many fire casualties happen in residential structures, pointing to ladders as a crucial piece of equipment to have. Choosing from a good selection across brands and lengths can help you find something that suits your exact needs. We ensure our ladders are working as new and are fully operational. We only work with reputable sellers who are honest about the condition of their trucks.

Choose from ladders that work in harsh weather and rough terrain, or check out our quints. The quint pairs five important aspects together — pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device and ground ladders — to create an all-in-one, convenient fire truck that emphasizes efficiency. When you're putting out fires, that efficiency is integral.

Find ladder trucks and quints for your station with Fenton Fire Equipment.

Used Rescue Trucks

Rescue trucks are essential for emergency purposes. They're important vehicles to have at fire stations, acting as heavy-duty trucks that can respond to situations in a hurry. Rescue trucks are highly customizable, making them great for a variety of situations and uses.

Browse Fenton Fire Equipment's selection of rescue trucks and find a vehicle you can trust to get the job done.

Used Chief/Command Vehicles

Command vehicles are usually SUVs or trucks with sirens, radio and light beacons. They allow command professionals to effectively carry out duties in emergency situations. These vehicles are durable and strong, equipped to face potentially dangerous situations.

This is an essential vehicle to have available, whether you are a commander yourself or an aid.

Other Used Fire Equipment

Fenton Fire Equipment offers more than just vehicles — we have a wide assortment of miscellaneous items your station could use. Look through our vast selection to find many necessities, including:


  • Skid and CAFS units: Skid and CAFS units are effective, portable fire-fighting units that are great additions to any fire station.
  • Jaws of life: When it comes to vehicular fires and wrecks, jaws of life are one of the most basic and essential items you'll need. Make sure you have one of these in your arsenal by browsing Fenton Fire Equipment's selection to find yours today.
  • Fire hoses: The old staple that fire stations will always need — fire hoses. They can easily wear down so it's good to have a few extras on hand.

We have these items and many more. If you're looking for a miscellaneous piece of equipment, there's a good chance Fenton Fire Equipment has the item you're looking for. From light bars, fire nozzles, valves, reels, foam generators to protective gloves, we have all the quality items you need to do your job.


Antique Fire Trucks

Antique Fire Trucks are very popular among collectors and local fire stations looking to add some personality to their building. Fenton Fire Equipment offers a vast selection of antique fire trucks dating back more than a century. Scroll through our selection and see how the fire truck has evolved through the years, changing through various designs.

Antique fire trucks are a great addition to a collection and local fire stations alike. Display it proudly on your lawn for the whole town to see and enjoy. As a local Maryland fire station, you can make it part of your building and attract visitors to marvel at the vintage truck. It's a great way to honor the history and importance of fire trucks.

Browse Used Fire Truck Listings

Looking for used fire engines in Maryland? From fire engines, pumpers and antique fire trucks to commander vehicles and more, Fenton Fire Equipment is the trusted dealer you need to find used fire trucks.

We give detailed descriptions of our products so you can get a good picture of exactly what you're getting — no more searching around the web and trying to contact various sellers. We do all the tedious work for you so you can spend more time finding the right equipment.

Just input your ZIP code and view your local listings to see how close a fire truck is to your station. For more information regarding the process or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Fenton Fire Equipment. Get in touch with us online today!