Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Florida

Florida's firefighters are spread across 461 departments in the state, each with its own needs and services in the area. To respond to emergencies and serve your community best, you deserve the finest equipment. Shop Fenton Fire's used and pre-owned fire apparatuses to help your station continue saving lives in the area.

Used Fire Engines and Pumpers

A great place to start your shopping is our selection of fire engines and pumpers for sale. A good fire engine helps your team respond to emergencies faster and has enough space for the tools you need. We carry the best brands and highly functional engines so your station can enjoy an upgraded fleet.

If you need a pumper truck, we have many local options. Our used pumpers for sale in Florida include anything from top- to side-mount pumpers and engines with 1,000-gallon tanks. With the right pumper from Fenton Fire, you can put out fires more efficiently.

Used Tankers for Sale

Tankers are our best-selling vehicles because of our wide selection and their excellent quality. We have listings from top-brand manufacturers, including Pierce, Peterbilt and International. Browse our used tanker trucks that range in capacity from 1,000 to 3,000 gallons. Each tanker and tender can fully handle your emergencies, so you can feel confident purchasing.

Used Ladder Trucks and Quints

Our used ladder trucks for sale can reach new heights in your Florida community. These trucks are affordable and effective life-saving vehicles equipped with 100-foot ladders or platforms. Choose from name brands and lightly used equipment that looks as good as new when you shop Fenton Fire.

Quints are many fire departments' go-to vehicles for rescue or emergency incidents. These apparatuses function as a truck, engine, ladder, aerial and pumper in one excellent vehicle. We supply used quints for sale in Florida so you can find the best truck for your station. Browse our selection of sizes, platforms and tank capacities depending on your department's needs.

Used Rescue Trucks

A heavy-duty rescue truck can help you save many lives in your area. We carry different types of rescue vehicles to fit any community's population and needs. Our selection of used rescue trucks for sale is a great place to start if you're looking to expand your supply or upgrade your current options.

Used Command Vehicles for Sale in Florida

A fire chief needs a command apparatus to do their job effectively. Our marketplace of command vehicles includes many SUVs and trucks with the right capabilities for your chief. Shop our used command vehicles for sale in Florida to find the best one for your department leader.

Used Ambulances for Sale

Purchasing a fleet of brand new ambulances may be too large of an investment for your department's budget right now. Instead, you can choose from our selection of used ambulances. These effective vehicles have low mileage and excellent functionality so you can afford an almost good-as-new medical transport. Different departments need varying apparatuses, so we carry type 1, 2 and 3 ambulances for you to choose from. Explore your options and upgrade your rescue missions with a fast and capable ambulance.

Other Used Fire Equipment for Sale

Certain pieces of fire equipment are better to buy on sale so that you can save some money. Much of our miscellaneous fire equipment is in excellent shape or unused. Shopping for specific items in your area is simple and can save your time and budget in the long run.

Our miscellaneous equipment marketplace has anything you may need as a department. Our used items include fire hoses, light bars, gloves, emergency response kits and much more. Check back regularly if you don't see what you need, as we're constantly getting new stock.

Antique Fire Trucks in Florida

Our antique fire trucks offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to invest in an apparatus with history. Many of our listings are in excellent working condition. Collectors, retirees and current firefighters can enjoy the charm of a pre-loved truck from any time before 1980. Choose from our antique trucks in Florida, with some as old as 100 years.

Browse Used Fire Truck Listings Today

Florida is home to some of the oldest fire stations in the country, not to mention the Orlando Fire Museum. Your team can continue the legacy of Sunshine State firefighters with the right equipment. When you shop from Fenton Fire, you get the best deals, local offers and high-quality vehicles that your station can cherish for years.

Browse our online marketplace for used fire truck listings, whether you need a pumper truck or a hose nozzle. You can begin by inputting your station's zip code in our search bar to find equipment in Florida near you. When you're ready to make a purchase, contact us for more information, and we'll get started.