Used Fire Trucks for Sale in California

California has nearly 900 fire stations, and they stay busy year-round, especially during fire season. Of the roughly 28,000 firefighters in the state, about a third belong to volunteer fire companiesCalifornia has more employed firefighters than any other state, too, reflecting the great demand in a state where fires burned through more than 4 million acres in 2020.

Most volunteer operations have limited funds and need to search for used fire engines to stay within their budgets. However, you don't have to settle on quality while looking for the right price.

Fenton Fire Equipment has high-quality, used fire trucks for sale in California. You can find a range of trucks in like-new condition from many of the top names in the industry. We can also assist you with finding the right fit for your fire company and offer help with buying, financing and shipping your equipment.

Browse our many listings to find exactly what you need. Our trucks and vehicles remain in fantastic condition, and many are ready to go on a call as soon as they arrive at your station. Keep in mind that the newest vehicles for sale are listed at the top of our pages, with the oldest closer to the bottom.

Used Fire Engines and Pumpers for Sale in California

Pumpers, also referred to as fire engines, are the main vehicles firefighters use. They have a water tank, pump, hoses and other equipment that allow firefighters to get right to work putting out fires when they arrive at the scene. Sometimes fire stations use engines on rescue or medical emergency missions, too.

California firefighters can recognize the best brands in the business. We only sell used fire engines and pumpers made by top manufacturers, so our selection includes Pierce, Seagrave, Spartan and other top-of-the-line engines. If you are searching for used pumpers for sale with 1,000-gallon tanks or side-mount pumpers, you can find them in our listings.

Used Tankers for Sale in California

Tankers take the water to the fire, giving firefighters a way to fight fires on location. Stations in rural areas of California, where fire hydrants are few and far between, have a particular need for tankers. When you have a larger tanker, you have a better chance of saving lives and property as you battle a blaze.

The used tankers we list for sale can hold 1,000 to 3,000 gallons of water. We only stock tankers from top brands, such as Peterbilt, Pierce and Freightliner. When you buy from one of the best names in the business, you can feel confident your tanker will hold up to repeated use. People are counting on you to fight fires in California, and you can count on our tankers to help you do your job.

Used Ladder Trucks and Quints for Sale in California

Fire stations in California need ladder trucks to perform rescues at residences and buildings with higher floors. Quintuples, or quints, are fire trucks that serve five functions as a pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device and ground ladder. A used quint for sale can also provide the height you need to perform ladder rescues.

We sell used ladder fire trucks and quints in California, offering your station the extra assistance it needs in life-or-death situations. We have ladder trucks that feature different ladder lengths and types, so you can determine what functions you use most frequently and look for used vehicles that fulfill those needs. Our listings include:

  • Single-axle quints.
  • 100-foot ladders.
  • Mid-mount quints.
  • Tillers

The trucks we sell have been maintained and are in good condition. Plus, we list all the pertinent information you need to decide on the truck you want to purchase, such as how many engine hours the quint or ladder truck has. We add new listings every day from top-of-the-line brands.

Used Rescue Trucks for Sale in California

Rescue vehicles provide the equipment necessary to perform a technical rescue, though the tools included in the truck vary depending on your area in California and what types of emergencies you encounter most often. Municipal and volunteer fire stations find these trucks indispensable and may have several of them available, which they can customize based on where they operate.

You want your station to be able to assist in any emergency, and you can with a rescue truck. Browse our listings to find used rescue trucks, such as:

  • 4x4 rescue trucks.
  • Walk-in rescue trucks.
  • Heavy rescue trucks.

Used Chief/Command Vehicles for Sale in California

Your fire chief needs a smaller, more maneuverable command vehicle to drive to an emergency. These trucks include markings so that people will know when the chief arrives.

We have listings from top manufacturers, including SUVs from Chevy, Ford and GMC. You want reassurance that the used chief and command vehicles you use in California are safe. That's why we offer inspections so you can feel confident in the vehicle's reliability. You can get vehicles with:

  • Radio equipment.
  • Sirens.
  • Lightbars.
  • Command center.

Check out the vehicle history in our online listing and learn more about mileage and vehicle features for the make and model you are interested in purchasing.

Used Ambulances for Sale in California

Ambulances transport patients rescued from fires or other life-threatening situations to the hospital. An ambulance must have enough room for emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to maneuver in the back as they provide care on the way to the emergency room. You can purchase three types of used ambulances in California:

  1. Type I: An ambulance module placed on a truck chassis.
  2. Type II: The van-type model you see at hospitals.
  3. Type III: An option similar to type one but built on a cutaway van chassis.

Whatever ambulance you prefer, Fenton Fire Equipment can help. Our selection includes different brands, as well as 4x4 preowned ambulances.

Other Used Fire Equipment for Sale in California

Vehicles aren't the only thing you need to perform your duties as a firefighter in California. We want you to be ready for any situation, so we also sell other used fire equipment, such as:

  • Jaws of Life®.
  • Spreaders.
  • Cutters.
  • Reels.

Our used extrication equipment is in good condition and safe to use. Each listing contains the detailed information you need to make a purchasing decision.

Antique Fire Trucks in California

Fire trucks are made to last, and many vintage trucks can still fight fires decades after they were manufactured. You can add charm and utility to your fire station in California by purchasing one of our antique fire trucks, which come in a range of colors and styles. We validate the condition and quality of each truck we sell before listing it. You can feel confident that these antique vehicles still function well when you purchase one from us.

Browse Used Fire Truck Listings in California

We also sell other used vehicles that don't fit under the used fire truck categories. Fire stations often find unique ways to use these vehicles, tailoring them to their needs, such as RVs that become command vehicles or trucks used for educating children about fire hazards.

Whatever your station needs, we can deliver. We sell vehicles and equipment listed by sellers across the country. You can also use our distance calculator to determine how close a truck is to your fire station.

Browse our listings and see what will benefit you the most. Get in touch with Fenton Fire Equipment for more information.