Used Fire Trucks for Sale in Arkansas

Arkansas has 681 fire departments registered with the National Fire Department Registry. The vast majority of those departments — 84% — are made up entirely of volunteers, even higher than the national average of 70%. The brave men and women of these fire stations risk their lives to protect their fellow citizens and need the best equipment to ensure proper protection while they do their jobs.

Most volunteer fire departments have a relatively modest budget and must find the best equipment for low prices. When you buy from Fenton Fire Equipment, you don't have to choose between the pricing you need and the quality you desire — we sell used fire trucks and other vehicles you can afford.

Our listings include high-quality pre-owned vehicles that we stand behind. Most are ready to drive off the lot and to your fire station. Plus, you can learn more about each listing, such as mileage and engine hours, by clicking on the pictures. All our listings include the newest vehicles at the top and the older ones at the bottom.

Fenton Fire Equipment has assisted many volunteer fire stations in Arkansas just like yours with their vehicle needs, and we can set up financing and shipping options, too. Browse our listings and find the used fire trucks, engines and pumpers for sale that will fit perfectly at your station.

Used Fire Engines and Pumpers for Sale in Arkansas

Every fire station in Arkansas needs fire engines and pumpers. You take these trucks to fight fires, along with the pumps and hoses you need when you reach the scene. Many stations also use engines and pumpers for other rescue calls or even emergency medical assistance.

You will recognize the brand names of our used fire trucks for sale in Arkansas, such as E-One, Pierce, Seagrave and KME. We only list the highest quality options — trucks that will hold up with age and continue to offer the reliability you need. Our fire engines also include many varieties, such as:

  • Engines with 1,000-gallon tanks.
  • Side mount and top-mount pumpers.
  • 4x4 pumpers.

Used Tankers for Sale in Arkansas

Many Arkansas fire companies make calls in rural areas without nearby fire hydrants. To fight those fires, you need to bring a water supply with you. Tankers can carry thousands of gallons of water to the scene, giving you the resources you need to battle a blaze. Our tankers also have space to store the equipment you need at a fire.

We sell used tankers with capacities between 1,000 and 3,000 gallons of water. We list the industry's top brands, which offer tankers made with quality materials that stay in top condition even many years after production. Their heavy-duty construction will keep them safe and functional during even the most intense fires.

Used Ladder Trucks and Quints for Sale in Arkansas

Quint fire trucks, also called quints, are excellent options for fire stations that want versatility when they receive a call to a scene. The quint includes a pump, tank and aerial device. Ladder trucks are a necessity for many stations, as they give firefighters the upper-floor access they need to help people out of burning buildings. With a ladder truck, you can get to higher floors easily for rescues.

Our selection of used quints and ladder trucks for sale has different tools available, such as:

  • 100-foot ladders.
  • Tele-squirts.
  • Mid-mount quints.

We verify the functionality of all the trucks we sell, so you can feel confident that your pre-owned quint or ladder truck will work properly when you get it to your scene.

Used Rescue Trucks for Sale in Arkansas

Rescue trucks transport the equipment your fire station needs to answer a call. Depending on the situation, you may have to employ the Jaws of Life® or other heavy equipment that doesn't come standard on most fire trucks. Used rescue trucks can be outfitted depending on your environment in Arkansas and your unique requirements.

Browse our listings of used rescue trucks, which include a variety of options, such as:

  • Walk-ins.
  • 4x4 trucks.
  • Heavy rescue trucks.

Each one is ready to get right to work at your Arkansas fire station as soon as you purchase it.

Used Chief/Command Vehicles for Sale in Arkansas

Fire chiefs need their own vehicles to navigate and perform their roles during an emergency. We help your Arkansas station do this with used command vehicles for sale, including SUVs or trucks outfitted with extras such as short- and long-wave radios, light beacons and sirens.

We sell trusted brands such as GMC, Ford and Chevy at affordable prices designed to fit in your department's budget. You can also use our vehicles for police and first responders. Our used command and chief vehicles are marked to show the position the chief holds, alerting people of that authority when the chief drives to the scene. We also offer inspections so you can feel confident about the condition of the vehicle you choose.

Used Ambulances for Sale in Arkansas

If you need a new-to-you ambulance for your Arkansas station, we have three different types available at a range of price points. Many have low mileage, and we even have some specialty options available, such as 4x4 ambulances.

The distance calculator available with each of our listings can tell you how far the ambulance or other vehicle is from your station in Arkansas — just put in your zip code to see the mileage.

Other Used Fire Equipment for Sale in Arkansas

Fire stations such as yours need more than just the right vehicles to fight fires. You also require other equipment that can assist with rescue missions and fighting fires. A prepared fire station needs equipment on hand, even if they may only use it once or twice a year. That piece of equipment could mean the difference between life and death. You can get the pre-owned equipment you need from Fenton Fire Equipment:

  • Used SCBA equipment
  • Hydraulic extrication pumps
  • Cutters and spreaders
  • Jaws of Life®

You may also find you need loose and miscellaneous equipment, such as emergency lighting, sirens, nozzles and extrication equipment. We list quality brands so you can rely on the equipment you purchase from us. Our parts and other pieces will last and are subject to our quality checks.

Antique Fire Trucks in Arkansas

Many fire stations love the idea of adding an antique fire truck to their lineup. These types of trucks look charming and help people notice your station when they walk by, drawing attention to your fantastic efforts and perhaps assisting with fundraising. Antique fire trucks also have another function, though — fighting fires. You can actually use many of them to answer fire and rescue calls.

We sell antique fire trucks in fantastic condition. You can find a range of sizes, colors and styles throughout our listings depending on what you desire.

Browse Used Fire Truck Listings in Arkansas

Buy the used fire trucks and equipment you need for your volunteer fire company from Fenton Fire Equipment. We source our equipment from sellers you can trust. You can also use our zip code function to order fire equipment nearby. We always include high-quality pictures with every listing to assist with your choice.

Would you like more information about our vehicles and processes? Contact us to learn more about what's available for your Arkansas fire station or browse our posted listings today.