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1991 Kenworth Saulsbury Rescue WET RESCUE 750/450/50 (R1049) Print Listing

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Used fire trucks like this one don't come around often. A HEAVY RESCUE for sale with a pump, tank and foam system. As if this weren't enough, the fire truck for sale also comes loaded out with fire and rescue equipment. This rescue truck comes with so much tools and equipment I cant list it all here. It not only has all those tools but it is equipped with a big generator for running the light tower. Need air to fill your fire fighters tanks? It has a cascade system too. This is a fantastic fire truck for sale. It's ready to go to work at your fire or rescue company today. Call today for more information.


Detroit 8V92 500 Horse Power
Included Equipment:
Federal Q2B Siren
50ft pre-connect of 1 3/4 hose
Bubble cup nozzle
Motorola Low Band Radio w/ mic
Intercom Phone Systems ( Cream)
MSA High Pressure Packs w/ mask (2)
Yellow Flashing Door Indicater Light
Compartment 1
5" NSTx4" ST Jaffery Valve (1)
Large Diameter Hose Spanner Wrenches (4)
Rechargeable Orange Flashlight (1)
Light Tower Control/ Direction Indicator (1)
Rubber Mallot (1)
Small Diameter Sp[anner Wrenches (2)
Hydrant Wrench (1)
2 1/2" NST Double Male Hose Adapter (1)
2 1/2" NST Female Hose Adapter (1)
Generator Grounding Rod w/ steel cable (1)
100ft 220V Electrical Cord Reel (1)
Electrical Juction Box 4 Recepticals (1)
David Clark Headset w/ cord (1)
25' Extension Cord( Fire Power) (1)
Dry Eraser Board w/ marker (1)
Compartment 2
6000 PSIG Cascade Bottles (2)
Spare Low Pressure Bottles (4)
10ft Quick Fill Line Black
Compartment 5
12 KW Onam Diesal Generator (1)
100 Ft 220 V Electrical Cord Reel (1)
Electrical Junction Box w/ Indicator Light (1)
Pigtales F.P Male / 3 prong 15 amp/125 female (2)
Pigtales F.P Female/ 3 prong 20 amps/ 125 male (2)
Pigtales F.P Male / 3 Prong20 amp/125v Female (2)
Pigtales F.P Male/110v Household Female (3)
Pigtales F.P Female/3Prong 20 amps/125 v Female (1)
Pigtale F.P. Female /110 V House Hold Male (1)
10 1/4 skilsaw w/pigtale male/110v h.h. Female (1)
1/2 Elecrtical Back and Decker Impact Gun (1)
Sets of 1/2 Deep Well Impact Socket ( Red Case 1)
Box of Spare Blades Reciprocating Saw (1)
Sthil Chain Saw (1)
CE-670-FDV Cutters Edge Chain Saw (1)
500 Watts Port. Lights w/ Pightales Male to Female (2)
Rechargeable Flashlight (Orange) (1)
Compartment 6
Sthil TS400 K-12 Saw (1)
Exhaust Fans (2)
Honda Tele-lights (2)
1 Gallon Canister of Gas
1 Gallon of Mixed Gas
Small Funnel (1)
Compartment 7
4x2 cribbing (wood) (45)
Compartment 8
6000 PSIG Cascade Bottles (2)
Squeegee Head (2)
Push Broom Head (2)
Pick Head Axe (1)
Pair of Wire Cutters (1)
Small Bolt Cutters (2)
Small Pry Bars (2)
Crowbar (1)
8lb Sledge Hammer (1)
20 lb Sledge Hammer (1)
Broom Handles (2)
Squeegee Handles (2)
Dry Wall Hook (2)
Flat Head Shovel (2)
Round Head Shovel (2)
High Lift Jacks (2)
Short Can Opener (1)
Drywall Rake (1)
Bucket of Oil Dry and Sand (2)
5 Gallon Bucket Of Ice (1)
Bottom Compartment ( Drivers Side)
Bottom Compartment ( Officers Side)
Wheel Well Compartment
10 lbs Dry Extinguisher ( Drivers Side)
Water Can Extinguisher ( Officers Side)
Rear Step Compartment
25 ft of 4" NST Large Diameter Hose (1)
Rescue Body Interior
Rechargeable Flashights ( Orange ) (4)
HeadBlocks with Straps (2 Sets)
Celluar Phone ( On wall ) (1)
Scanner ( Bearcat ) (1)
Icon Marine Band Radio w/ Mic (1)
Motorola Low Band Radio w/ Mic (1)
Intercom Phone System ( Cream) (1)
Fax Machine w/ Paper (1)
Midland High Band Radio System w/Mic (1)
Caution Barriers (3)
Wooden Backboard (1)
PFD's (Yellow) (2)
5 Gallon Water Cooler ( Filled) (1)
Roll Up Compartment
Tramua Bags (2)


450 Gallon Poly Water Tank
750 Gpm Hale Pump
50 Gallon Foam Cell


12 KW Onan Generator
35' Watt Wilburt Light Tower


18 117 miles
29'7" long
10'6" tall
12' from ground to stack (it could be removed or shortened)

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