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1996 Spartan Quality 75' quint 1250/400 (Q0712) Print Listing

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Cummins diesel M11
Allison 4060P 4/5 SPD W/Mode
seats 6 fire fighters
On spot chains,
air conditioning.
1-35, 1-28, 2-16 roof, 1-12 roof, and two 10 attic ladders.
Also included are 1-12 pike poles, 2-8 ft poles, 2-6 foot poles, four foot New York pole, and six foot trash hook.


1250gpm Waterous
400gal poly tank.
1500 gpm aerial master stream
1000" 4"
1000' 3"
crosslay 2-250'x1.75",
1 -100'x1.75 trash line,


Amps generator 10 kw
2-250' electric reels with 2-500watt tip lights
2-750 watt flood light which runs off a Hydraulic generator


Approx 28 000 miles
2871 hours
11' 4" tall,
34' 6" long
wheelbase of 202"
front 20,000lbs
rear 31,000lbs
gvw 51,000lbs

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