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1996 Seagrave Stainless Pumper 2000/750/50 (E2748) Print Listing

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What a fire truck! If your fire department wants one of the toughest used fire trucks on the market then take a look at this fire engine for sale! You dont get tougher than a Stainless Steel Fire truck made by Seagrave. It safely seats six firefighters in a strong cab. If you are looking for firefighting power and reducing your ISO rating then check out the 2000 GPM fire pump. Not too many fires it cant pump and beat. 750 tank gives your fire department enough time to fight some fire while setting up for water source. Need to fight fire with the tank then stretch the water you have with 50 gallons of foam. Now here is the best part! It is loaded out with firefighting equipment that makes this truck a steal of a deal at $55 000.00!!!


1996 Seagrave Marauder
Seats 6 firefighters
5 seats are for SCBA's
Detroit 8V92 DDEC 450 horse power
Allison HT 740 4 speed automatic
24 foot extension ladder
14 foot roof ladder
10 foot attic
2 x hard suction
some miscellaneous hand tools
Other tools, equipment and hose is negotiable.


Waterous 2000 gpm pump
750 fiberglass tank
50 gallon foam cell
Akron 2959 95 gpm foam system
3 x 1 3/4" crosslays
1 x 2.5" crosslay
2 x 2.5" rear discharge
left side LDH intake
right side LDH intake
left side 3" intake
right side 3" intake
left side 2.5" discharge
right side
3.5" discharge
right side 5" LDH discharge
3" pre piped deck gun


This very clean used engine has the following equipment included in the truck sale.
1000�?? 5�?� hose
900�?? of 2 ½�?� hose
800�?? of 1 ¾�?� hose
(5) 1 ½�?� nozzles
(1) 2 ½�?� nozzle
(1) portable ground monitor
(2) haligans
(2) flat head axes
(1) maul
(1) 4�?? hook
(1) 6�?? hook
(1) 8�?? hook
(1) sledge hammer
(1) bolt cutter
(1) smoke ejector
(1) portable flood light
Misc. adaptors
(1) 2 ½�?� x 2 ½�?� gated �??Y�?�
(1) 1 ½�?� x 1 ½�?� gated �??Y�?�
(1) 5�?� hydrant valve
(1) 5�?� manifold
(2) Pressurized water extinguishers
(1) 20lb dry chem. extinguisher
(1) 20lb CO2 extinguisher
(1) echo chain saw
(1) High rise hose bag
(1) high rise tool bag
(1) hydrant bag
(2) LDH spanner wrenches
(1) hydrant wrench
(2) lug spanner wrenches
(1) 5�?? hose roller
(2) brush fire brooms
(1) shovel
(1) salvage cover


33 208 miles
2867 miles
326 pump hours
31 foot long
9 foot 3 inches tall
total GVW 45 750
190 inch wheel base

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