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1991 Simon Duplex/Saulsbury 1500/500/40 Print Listing

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Does your fire department need an awesome used fire truck that is fully loaded with firefighting equipment? If so, look no further than this fire truck for sale! Awesome! I have responded to many many fire calls on this piece and it has never let us down, a fantastic fire truck! Tons of seating in an air conditioned cab. Seats eight fire fighters with room for another two seats if needed. Brand new rebuild on the motor, this truck is super clean and kept in near mint condition. If your fire house is in need of extra equipment then have a look at this truck... 1000 feet of 5" fire hose, 1 3/4 fire hose, nozzles, hydrant valves, fire axes, pike poles, ladders, PPV fan for venting fires, shovels, high rise pack and much much more. Also has tons of fire fighting power. A 1500 gpm fire pump, 500 gallon tank and a foam system. I loved riding this piece and I know you and your fire department will too. A stainless steel body made by Saulsbury is strong enough to last a life time of firefighting. Please call us to enquire about this used fire truck or any of the other fire trucks listed on our web site. All this for only $80000.00. available immediately.


Split-Tilt All Aluminum Cab
Ten (10) Personnel with Seating for Eight (8)
Four (4) SCBA Seats with Zico Brackets
All Seats Covered with Dura-Wear Material �?? Gray/Black Tweed
Air-Ride Driver�??s Seat
Cab Interior Black
Forward and Crew Cab Heaters
Air Conditioned
Tilt/Telescopic Steering Wheel
AM/FM Radio
Sigtronics Headset Communication System
EMS Compartment in Crew Cab
Detroit Diesel 8V92 (Rebuild June 2009 cost of $17,300)
Transfer Case Repair $8,500
New Tires Cost $1,800
480 Horsepower
1425 Ft. Lb. Torque
Jacobs Engine Brake
250 AMP Niehoff Alternator
Vertical Exhaust
Allison HT741
Electronic with Touch Pad Controls
Spicer 1810 Universal Joints
Disc �?? All Positions
Maxi-Brake �?? Rear Axle
On-Spot Brand
Good Year Brand
All Tires New �?? Summer 2008
Front �?? 385/65R22.5 Steering Tread
Rear �?? 1200R22.5 Mud and Snow
50 Gallon

200 Feet of 1 ¾�?� Pre-Connect
200 Feet of 1 ¾�?� Pre-Connect
1000 Feet of 5�?� LDH (Snap-Tite)
500 Feet of 3�?� Supply
150 Feet of 2 ½�?� Pre-Connect
Vinyl Hose Bed Cover (Aluminum Treadplate Cover at Front of Bed)

Manufactured by Saulsbury
All Stainless Steel
High Side Left Compartments (Total of 4)
Low Side Right Compartments (Total of 2)
Rear Step Compartment �?? Open into Side Compartments
All Lower and Rear Doors �?? Vertically Hinged
All Upper Doors �?? Horizontally Hinged
Interior Compartment Lights
OPEN Compartment Hazard Warning System
Natural Stainless Steel Compartment Interior Finish
Aluminum Tool Mounting Boards in Left High Side Compartments

Whelen Strobe Lightbars - One (1) Large Forward, Two (2) Smaller on Side
Whelen RED Rotators with lower AMBER LED Flashers Rear Upper Stanchions
Whelen Strobe Lights �?? Front, Side and Rear of Unit (Total of 12)
Two (2) Mars 888 Warning Lights
One (1) Roto-Ray
Headlight Flasher
Code 3 Rear Traffic Directional Light

Federal Q2B Siren
PowerCall Electronic Siren
Dual Grover �??Stuttertone�?? Air Horns
Rear Step to Cab Back-up Buzzer System
Electronic Reverse Back-Up Alarm

1000 Feet of 5�?� LDH Snap-Tite Supply Hose
500 Feet of 3�?� Supply Hose
675 Feet of 1 ¾�?� Handline
150 Feet of 2 ½�?� Handline
Four (4) 1 ¾�?� Combination Nozzles
One (1) 2 ½�?� Combination Nozzle
Two (2) 2 ½�?� Double Males
Two (2) 2 ½�?� Double Females
Two (2) 2 ½�?� x 1 ½�?? Reducers
Two (2) 6�?� NST X 10 Ft. Kocheck PVC Suction Hose
One (1) 6�?� Barrel Strainer
One (1) 2 ½�?� x 2 �?? 1 ½�?� Leader Line Wye
One (1) 2 ½�?� Smooth Bore Nozzle
One (1) 6�?� NST X 2 ½�?� Female Reducer
One (1) 2 ½�?� Hydrant Valve
One (1) Akron Deck Gun �?? Pre-Connected
One (1) 6�?� X 5�?� Storz TFT Piston Intake Relief Valve

Two (2) Adjustable Hydrant Wrenches
Four (4) Combination Spanner Wrenches with Holders (2)

One (1) 6 Lb. Pickhead Axe
One (1) 6 Lb. Flathead Axe
One (1) 10 Lb. Sledge Hammer
One (1) 30�?� Halligan bar
One (1) 54�?� Pinch Bar
One (1) CrowBar

One (1) Tool Box with Assorted Tools
One (1) EMS Bag

One (1) Edwards Reel with 150 Ft. of 10/3 Electric Cable
One (1) Extenda-Lite Electrical Junction Box
One (1) Portable 500 Watt Floodlight
One (1) Gas Powered PPV Fan

One (1) 2 ½ Gallon Water Extinguisher
One (1) 15 Lb. CO2 Extinguisher
One (1) 20 Lb. ABC Extinguisher

One (1) Drinking Water Jug
Two (2) Salvage Cover

One (1) 24 Ft. 2-Section Extension Ladder
One (1) 14 Ft. Roof Ladder
One (1) 10 Ft. Folding Ladder

Two (2) 6 Ft. Fiberglass Pike Poles
One (1) 10 Ft. Fiberglass Pike Pole
One (1) High-Rise Hose Pack with 100 Ft. of 1 ¾�?�, 1 ¾�?� Nozzle, Leader Line Wye
One (1) Flat Shovel
One (1) Pointed Shovel
One (1) Fire Rake
One (1) Fire Broom


Hale Model QSG150-235
1500 GPM
Manual Transfer Valve
Hale Discharge Pressure Relief Valve
Air Operated Pump Shift
MC Products Water Level (New �?? October 2008) and Foam Level Gauges
New 6�?� and 3 ½�?� Pressure Gauges �?? October 2008
6�?� NST Steamer Inlets
Two (2) 2 ½�?� Gated Intakes �?? Left Side
5�?� Front Intake with Air Operated Valve with Hose Well.
5�?� Front Intake Swivel
Ross Pressure Relief Valve
3�?� Tank-to-Pump Valve and Piping
1 ½�?� Tank Fill
Two (2) 2 ½�?� Left Side Discharges
Two (2) 2 ½�?� Right Side Discharges
Two (2) 1 ¾�?� Pre-Connects (1 with Foam Capabilities
Two (2) 1 ¾�?� Rear Pre-Connects
One (1) 2 ½�?� Rear Pre-Connect
One (1) 1 ¾�?� Front Bumper Discharge with Hose Well
One (1) 3�?� Deluge Discharge in Open Bin Compartment Above Pump

New Main Pump Shaft and Impeller Assembly �?? October 2008
New Bearings, Seals and Gears in Transfer Case �?? October 2008
2009 Pump Certification
Hannay Electric Rewind
Polished Stainless Steel Reel
200 Feet of 1�?� Booster Hose with Nozzle
Electric Rewind Switch with Master Switch on Left Side Panel
Akron #2959 Foam Proportioning System
95 GPM Rated
40 Gallon Foam Integral in Main Water Tank
Plumbed to one (1) 1 ¾�?� Crosslay
500 Gallon


Onan 6 KW
Diesel Engine
Remote Start/Stop on Cab Dash and at Pump Panel
Two (2) 750 Watt Magna-Fire 3000 Floodlights

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