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1997 Seagrave Pumper 1250/ 1000 Print Listing

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One of my favourite used fire trucks. A 1997 Seagrave pumper for sale. Awesome piece! This heavy duty fire truck seats six fire fighters in a very strong cab equiped with air conditioning to keep your crew cool and ready to fight fire. Diesel and automatic with a top stacked exhaust to help keep the fumes away from the crew and fire pump operator. This fire engine for sale is also equipped with mud and snow automatic tire chains made by On-Spot. This Seagrave fire engin also carries 1000 gallons to help knock down a good amount of fire with an initial attack while waiting for a secondary water supply. Included in the sale of this great fire engine is 700' of five inch fire supply hose as well as some fire attck hose. Lighting and power a problem at night time fire calls? This truck has a power inverter and 2 x 500 watt lights to light up your emergency scene... also, has a 150' cord reel to power up your remote lights and electric fire rescue tools. All this for $158000.00. Please call Fenton Fire to talk about this used fire truck or any of the other fire trucks listed on our used fire truck web site. $158000.00.


Detroit Deisel Series 40 330HP
Allison Automatic Trans.
Head Sets
On Spot Chains
Seats 6
5 SCBA Seats


1250 GPM Pump
1000 Gallon Tank


Power Inverter
2X 500 Watt Scene lights
1X Cord reel 150'


Miles: 28,725
Height: 9'9"
Length: 29' (31' to Tip Of Ladder Ladder Can be placed foward)
400' Of 1.75" Hose included
700' Of 5" Hose included

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