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Top Fire Truck Brands

Whether you’re looking for new or used fire trucks for sale, you’ll find a huge selection in the marketplace at Fenton Fire Equipment. We list models from some of the leading brands and manufacturers — trusted names that you can depend on for quality, long-term performance. In our selection, you’ll find:

  • Used Pierce fire trucks for sale
  • ALF fire trucks for sale
  • Mack fire trucks for sale
  • Used HME fire trucks for sale
  • Used KME fire trucks for sale
  • Used Spartan fire trucks for sale
  • Sprinter ambulances for sale
  • Rosenbauer tankers for sale
  • Much more

Enjoy access to the best selection of fire trucks when you choose Fenton Fire Equipment.

used pierce ladder truck

Used Seagrave Fire Trucks for Sale

Seagrave Fire Apparatus is another longstanding and highly respected fire truck manufacturer, with a history of delivering high-quality products that dates back to 1881. In our marketplace, you’ll find a wealth of Seagrave fire trucks for sale. Again, you always enjoy options when browsing through our marketplace.

Many of our visitors are interested in classic fire trucks from established brands, which is why we curate a selection of fire trucks from leading brands like Seagrave. When you choose the selection you find at Fenton Fire Equipment, you are getting a look at a full range of options that allows you to find the perfect fire truck to meet your needs.

Sell Your Fire Truck With Fenton Fire

At Fenton Fire Equipment, you’ll find a huge selection that includes Crown fire engines for sale, used American LaFrance fire trucks for sale, Maxim fire trucks for sale and much more. You can also choose to sell your own fire truck through our marketplace.

Used ALF fire truck

Selling through Fenton Fire Equipment is fast and easy. Simply submit your photos and specifications and we'll make suggestions regarding pricing and marketability. We list your fire truck on our site and, depending on the listing, solicit offers via social media and email. We even handle all inbound calls, emails, chats and requests. We only charge a small fee upon the sale of your fire truck — you pay nothing unless your fire truck sells.

You can even choose to list with Fenton Fire Equipment as one of many marketplaces where you’re trying to sell your fire truck. We’re confident you’ll find our platform the best, most-visited venue for capturing the attention of prospective buyers. To start the process of listing your fire truck, fill out our online listing form today.