Inventory #: A2404

PRICE: $870.00


New, Federal Signal Model EG Siren (A2404)

New, Federal Signal Model EG Siren with Bell Horn Projector. Both the siren and bell horn projector were factory painted with a special corrosion resistant exterior finish (per contact specification). This siren meets CA Title 13 CHP sound level requirements for a Class B siren(+115DBA @10′), see photo f-46. The siren measures 13 1/2" long, 8 1/2" high, and 8" wide. The 12vdc motor has quick pick up and drives the 5 1/2" dia. rotor at 6,000 rpm, producing a frequency of 800hz. The bell horn projector collects and focuses the sound down the road, with a robust deep tone. The siren rotor and stator are the same precision machined, close tolerance, high pressure combination used on the current production high voltage Federal Model L siren (although operates at a lower speed). Do not confuse this EG A-1 model with the older model EG with the narrower low pressure (undersized) rotor, and stator (see photo of older model for reference purposes). Note: older EGs have one finger guard, next generation models have two finger guards (wider rotor and stator). We have enclosed photos of the siren with other objects to give you a size perspective. Price, $870

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