Inventory #: O0927

PRICE: $6,000.00


Aluminum Rescue Body (O0927)

Aluminum Rescue Body

dim 60 cab to axle
length 109 width 88 height 53 that is body
Drivers front compartment has two pull outs 24 x 40 x 12 top 24 x 40 x 16 middle bottom is 28 wide 20 deep and 10 tall
Middle drivers side 44 x 20 x 24 tall has pull out track on bottom floor
Back driver side top shelf 20 x 20 x 26 bottom 20 x 20 x 13 tall
Back of box 24 x 66 x 32 tall pull out next to it a 24 x 16 x44 tall compartment

Passenger side front 26 x 49 32 tall pull out bottom 20 x 20 10 tall
Middle top shelf top 42 x 20 10 tall bottom 42 x 20 x 14 tall

Back 24 x 16 x 44 tall floor

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