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Inventory #: O1164

PRICE: $28,500.00


2020 Dodge Durango Pursuit AWD (O1164)


2020 Dodge Durango Pursuit AWD
Air Conditioning
Whelen Core control system
Howler (low frequency)
Dual tone siren
Arges remote spotlight
Legacy WCX bar, smoke lens, duo (red/white front, blue/amber and red/amber rear)
Interior FST bar in front- WCX Trio, red/white/amber
Interior RST bar in rear -WCX Duo, red/amber and blue/amber)
Outer Edge Pillars – Trio red/white/blue
Tracer running board lights – trio red/white/blue
30 Summit scene light on push bumper
Vehicle-to-vehicle sync
Vehicle integration/situational awareness through OBDII interface
Havis console and rear partition, along with storage drawer Pro-gard push bumper and rear door window bars
All lighting has 2-3 years left on Whelen factory warranty


Mileage 77000

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