Inventory #: E2281

PRICE: $245,000.00


2006 Spartan / Precision Class A Pumper 1500/750/foam (E2281)


2006 Spartan / Precision Class A Pumper
Spartan Chassis huge cab
C-13 Caterpillar 430 HP, 4-cycle turbo diesel (non -DEF)
Front Bumper
100′ of 1 ¾’¿½ hose with nozzle

4 ‘ Streamlight LiteBox lights
3 ‘ Streamlight Survivor lights
1 ‘ Streamlight SL Series
David Clarke communications system with 2 headsets

Drivers Side Walk Compartment
25′ Small garden hose

Drivers Side Pump Panel
TNT 5’¿½ intake ball valve
1 ‘ 200’ of 1 ¾’¿½ attack hose with nozzles
1 ‘ 200’ of 2 ½’¿½ attack hose with nozzle
Hose wrenches (stortz and standard)
25′ of 5’¿½ supply hose

Drivers Side Front Compartment
6 ‘ Drawer Tool/Equipment box w/ assorted adapters
2 ‘ Brooms
Hose Roller
Controls for Command Light
Remote for Deck Gun
Drivers Side Drawer
Flat head axe
Large Bolt Cutters
Short Gatorback pike pole
Pry bar
Small axe
Drivers Side Middle Compartment
2 ‘ Fire brooms
Large pry bar
Drivers Side Wheel-Side Compartment (Front)
3 SCBA/O2 bottle storage tubes
Drivers Side Wheel-Side Compartment (Rear)
Drivers Side Rear Compartment
Honda PPV with exhaust tube (on slide out tray)
Door spreader w/ extension
Drivers Side High Storage
2 ‘ 10’ sections of 6’¿½ hard suction
Rear Upper Storage
500′ of 5’¿½ supply line
400′ of 3’¿½ supply line
Rear Compartment (Left Side)
8′ Pike pole
10′ Pike pole
Rear Compartment (Middle)
Manifold (on slide out tray)
Hydrant bag w/ adapters & equipment
2 ‘ 5 gallon absorbent buckets
2 ‘ Step chocks
Assorted cribbing
Rear Compartment (Right Side)
10′ Attic ladder
Rear Wall
Hose wrenches
Officers Side Ladder Rack
14′ Roof ladder
24′ Extension ladder
Officers Side Walk Compartment
Cab-tilt controls
Officers Side Pump Panel
Hose wrenches (stortz and standard)
25′ of 2 ½’¿½ supply hose
Officers Side Front Compartment
Unlock tool kit
Officers Side Drawer
TNT tool
Pink tool with wedge
Pick head axe
Medium D-handle GATORBACK pike pole
Officers Side Middle Compartment
Haligan tool
Small D-handle Gatorback pike pole
Small D-handle pike pole
Officers Side Wheel-Side Compartment (Front)
2 ‘ Extinguisher storage tubes
Drivers Side Wheel-Side Compartment (Rear)
2 ‘ SCBA/O2 bottle storage tubes
Officers Side Rear Compartment
5 ‘ Cones (on slide out tray)
350′ of electrical/extension cords


Hale 1500 GPM single stage pump
750 gallon tank
CAFSPRO Class A foam system
Remote controlled deck gun


Smart Power 10kw Hydraulic Generator
Command Light scene lights


Under 34,000 miles

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