Inventory #: E2620

PRICE: $165,000.00


2001 Spartan /Quality Pumper 1500/750/30 (E2620)


large Spartan Gladiator custom cab w/ac
Three SCBA seats
Seats total Six
Rear scene camera
Detroit Diesel Series 60 4-Cycle Turbocharged Engine ‘ 430 HP
Allison Transmission
Jacobs brake
Hydraulic ladder rack
Aluminum Hose bed cover
SCBA bottle storage over rear wheels
LED light package
All LED Warning Lights
thermal imaging camera
Rear & Officer’s Side Exterior Cameras
David Clark Intercab Communications System with 6-positions and one (1) headset
1000 feet of 5’¿½ Stortz Supply Hose
800 feet of 3’¿½ Supply Hose
2 ‘ 5’¿½ TFT Large Diameter Ball Valve Stortz Intakes
2 ‘ 200 foot 1.75’¿½ Crosslay/Attack Hose with Nozzle
250 feet of 2.5’¿½ Crosslay/Attack Hose with Nozzle
2 ‘ 200 feet of 1.75’¿½ Hose Bundles w/ Nozzle
100 foot 1.75’¿½ Bumper Line Attack Hose with Nozzle
Portable Deck Gun with Stack Tip/Solid Stream and Fog Nozzles with Ground Mount
24′ Extension Ladder
14′ Roof Ladder
10′ Attic Ladder (folding)
Utility Ladder
Tool/Hydrant Bag (Empty)
2.5’¿½ to 1.5’¿½ Wye
2.5’¿½ Double Female
2.5’¿½ Double Male
100′ Rope Bag
50′ Rope Bag
Gatorback Pike Pole
Sheppards Hook Pry Bar
Council Tool Pike Pole
TNT Tool
Hose Clamp (Small)
Fan Hanger (with extension)
Pry Bar (Large)
10′ Pike Pole
8′ Pike Pole
6′ Pike Pole
Bolt Cutters (Small)
5 ‘ Traffic Cones
8 ‘ Stortz Hose Wrenches
4 ‘ Hose Wrenches
2 ‘ Hydrant Wrenches
2 ‘ Chock Blocks
2 ‘ Fire Extinguishers (1 ‘ CO2, 1-Dry Chem)
Hand Spot Light (lighter plug)


Waterous 1500 gpm Single Stage Fire Pump
750 Gallon Poly Water Tank
FoamPro Class A Foam System
30 Gallon Foam Tank


2 ‘ Pole Mounted Scene Lights (attached to back of cab)(1 ‘ LED, 1 ‘ Halogen)
2 ‘ Streamlight Box Lights
2 ‘ Streamlight SL90 Flashlights
1 ‘ Streamlight SL20 Flashlight
Compartment Tool Mounting Board System
Map/Glove Box Holder
Electric Suction
100′ Cord Reel
Portable Scene Light (Small)
Ventilation Fan (Electric)


This used fire truck for sale comes almost fully loaded!!! Includes a thermal imaging camera!


67684 Miles
32′ 5″ long
9′ 8″ tall

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