Inventory #: Q0998

PRICE: $21,000.00


1995 Sutphen Ladder (Q0998)


1995 Sutphen
Detroit Turbo Diesel
Aerial TS-90
Stainless Body
Seats 7 (SCBA 5 )
Deck gun: Two platform monitors
Lightbar: Whelen long front (2) short left/right
Warning Lights: Whelen strobes (6) front, side, and rear
Siren: Q2B and Federal Signal Elect.
Mobile Radio: Motorola XMIT Busy and Firecom
Scene Lights-2 Roof (cab) 2 Water Platform FRC, 1 top of Platform
Rear compartment 100′ cord reel 120V (2) outlets.
R3 – 10 bottle rack
R2 – Narrow roll out tray
Large breathing tank on turntable.
16′ ladder rack left side body.
Battery shoreline charger rear seat.
Spanner / hydrant wrenches: 4
Adapters: Left side waterway storage lock.
Hand lights: 2
Three hand light charger cables
Dual handheld radio chargers: 1 radio


Vehicle Dimensions:
Height: 9′ 7 “
Width: 8′ 6 “
Length: 47′ 8 “
Wheelbase: 280 “
Hours: 4363
Mileage: 41,466

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