Inventory #: T1119



1993 Mack tanker 400 / 2000 (T1119)

1993 Mack
Mack Diesel Turbo
Manual Straight 6 speed
Air brakes
Seats 3 fire fighters
Emergency lights & siren
Air horns
Air ride seat
Rear arrow stick
2 Large side compartments
1 x 14 foot ladder

Pump: 400 GPM Hale Pump
Tank: 2,000 Gallon
10 ” Rear dump
Pump Controls: Rear mount
(2) 10 ” side dumps
(2) Gated 2 ½ ” tank fills
Poly board hosebed decking
10 ” top water fill
2,500 Gallon portable pond
Suction Hose:(1) 3 “
Suctions:(1) 3 “
Discharges:(1) 2 ½ “

Miles: 21,780
Length: 25’4 “
Height: 9’4 “
GVW: 35,000
Tires: Firestone 11:00Rx22.5

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