Inventory #: W0671

PRICE: $85,000.00


1991 M-925 A-2 6 x 6 tactical tanker 3200 gallon tank 2 pumps (W0671)


Truck is perfect, with no leaks or seeps whatsoever

The truck was never assigned to a unit. It was used only to familiarize troops with it’s componenets and operation


The truck not only has the P.T.O. pump, but also has another high pressure 18 H.P. pump

The water tank, which is built to N.F.P.A standards, is 3200 gallons capacity

The pump is a p.t.o. “Berkley” 4×4 rated @ 750 g.p.m

It has a dedicated 125′ hose which is mounted on an electric rewind hose reel on the rear of the tank, passenger side

equiped with spray heads, both front and rear, used for “running attacks”.

The top of the tank has a 24″ x 24″ inspection door which is fully covered

Also has sight tubes in the front and rear of the tank for reading water level

mounted on the top of the tank, passenger side are 2 stainless steel storage tubes for my suction hoses. Each are 13′ in length

At each side of the tank, just in front of the rear tandems are:
1- 2 1/2″ hose outlets.
1- 1 1/2″ hose outlets.
1- 3/4″ hose outlets

Also, at each side of the truck, mounted in front of the tandem axles are:
1- 2 1/2″ suction plumbing for filling the tank from lakes, streams ponds

equipped with a 50 gallon stainless steel tank which is mounted up high between the framerails for the “Dakota Fires Systems” state of the art gell system which is far superior to foam for structure protection

On the passenger side I have 3 storage racks which allow you to carry an additional 15 gallons of gell for a total of 65 gallons in all

mounted on the rear driver side is a “Darley” 1 1/2 AGE auxilary 18 h.p. pump which can be used by either the gell system hose reel or the water system hose reel.
It is able to rated from 50 g.p.m @ 250 p.s.i. to 120 g.p.m.@ 130 p.s.i

“Elkhardt Brass Sidewinder” water cannon mount on the front driver side of the tank. It is fully remote controlled from the drivers seat for up to 354 degree rotation, as well as up and down travel. I can also control my nozzle remotely from “fog” to “stream”.


Engine is an 8.3 litre CTA turbo-charged

Cummins diesel rated at 300h.p

Allison Automatic

91 gallon fuel tank (diesel)

Mileage is rated @-7 miles per gallon

Axles are Meritor/Rockwell with 6.44 to 1 gearing

20,000 lb. hydraulic winch

Tires are brand new “Michelin XL’s”, 14:00 x 20 with an extremely aggressive tread

Mounted behind the cab, on the driver side is a brand new spare tire and wheel. It has it’s own boom which is equipped with a chain fall hoist to lower and raise the spare tire from it’s current position to the ground. It is rated @ 2,000 lbs capacity

Mounted in the front bumper are 4, 5 gallon steel “Jerry” cans. 2 are for additional diesel fuel. 2 are for additional gasoline. They are labled “gasoline” and “diesel” so their is no confusion

They have their own custom made steel straps and locks which allow the cans to be locked into place and help to discourage anyone from “borrowing” any fuel

total of 8 storage bins, which are all lockable and water sealed. 2 on each side over the rear fenders, 2 on each side at the rear bumper and 2 additional on the passenger side below the door and just under the front of the watert tank


Miles: 9,000
Rears are rated @ 44,000 lbs.
Front rated @ 18,500 lbs.
GVCW of 62,500 lbs
11′ tall
28′ long

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