Inventory #: W0866

PRICE: $19,988.00


1989 Ford F-350 Wildland (W0866)


460 C.I. V-8 (7.5L) 235hp Gas
C-6 Automatic
Seats 3 Firefighters
· Two New Batteries
· New Alternator
· New Air Filter
· Fresh Oil Change
· Fresh Coolant System Flush and New Coolant
· Recent Plugs, Cap, Rotor, Plug Wires
· New TFI Ignition Module
· New Alternator
· Recent Water Pump
· Good Brakes
· All New Radio/Lights/Siren/Accessory Wiring and Fuses
· New Sound Off Headlight Flasher
· Good Starter and Power Steering Pump
· Recent Hoses and Belts
· New Nova 80 Watt Strobe Power Supply
· Good Floor Covering
· New Seat Upholstery
· New Custom Built Equipment Tree
· New Motorola CDM-1550 UHF Radio – Narrow Band Compliant with Motorola Large Microphone
· Reconditioned Federal/Unitrol, 3 Stage/Siren and Switch Control Box, with 3 Stage Emergency Lighting ‘ Stage 1: Rear Red/Ambers, Rear NFPAs; Stage 2: Red Rotators, Alternating Reds, Front NFPAs; Stage 3: All Whites – Center Rotator, Strobes, Headlight Flasher, Intersection Sweep Lights and Siren Activation
· 5 Rocker Auxiliary Light Controls ‘ Compartment, Work, Fog, Map and Takedown
· CES Technologies TRK-240 Mobile Data Terminal with GPS
· Tripp Lite 3 Port Accessory Receptacle
· Federal Flexible Neck Map Light
· In Cab PTO Activation and Indicator Light
· Good Original Seat Covering
· Good Original Dash Covering
· NFPA Compliant Reflective Door Chevrons
· Reconditioned 6’¿½ Unity Spotlight with New Handle
· Cole-Hersee Master Battery Selector Switch
· Balkamp Ammeter
· Good Chrome Front Bumper with NFPA Reflective Chevrons
· New Quality S Brand Grille Guard
· New Dietz PAR 46 Fog Lights with New Amber Bulbs
· New Whelen 700 Series Red Strobes with OpticFire Lenses
· New Atlas 100W Siren Speaker
· New Whelen TIR3 LED NFPA Front Corner Lights
· New Pacific Dualies Stainless Wheel Covers
· New Westlake All-Terrain/AS 16’¿½ Tires
· Reconditioned Code 3 MX7000 Lightbar with the following features: 4 Standard Rotators with Diamond Mirrors, 1 High Speed Center Rotator with Mirrors, Intersection Sweep Lights, Front Alternating Red Lights, Steady Red California Compliance Light, Clear Takedown and Alley Lights, Halogen Rear Work Lights, New Red/Clear Upper Lenses and Clear Lower Lens
· New Motorola VHF ¼ Wave Multi-band Antenna
· New Two Color NFPA Compliant Body Side Striping
· Dual 20 Gallon Fuel Tanks with In-Cab Electric Selector
· Reconditioned Becker Fire Equipment Aluminum Body
· Hannay Ultra-Light Aluminum Electric Retract Booster Reel
· Berkely 150GPM Pump with 18HP Briggs & Stratton Motor
· Armored Textiles 1’¿½ Flexible Booster Reel Hose (200 feet)
· New Central Forge 6# Fire Axe in Forged Aluminum Axe Carrier
· New Central Forge Spade Shovel with Fiberglass Handle
· New Central Forge Square Shovel with Fiberglass Handle
· Two New Spring Tension Shovel Holders
· One New Unity U-1 4’¿½ Adjustable 100 Watt Work Area Spotlight
· Two New Dietz 910 Chrome Par46 Red/Amber Rear Lights
· One New Akron Spanner Wrench Carrier with 2 Akron Wrenches
· Two 8 Foot 2 ½’ Hard Suction Hoses (NST)
· New Code 3 Model 710 Alternating Flasher
· New Chrome Discharge Line Caps
· Reconditioned Folding Box Mounted Steps with Handles
· New Whelen 500 Chrome LED NFPA Red Side Lights
· New Weldon Round LED Stop/Turn/Tail Lights
· New Weldon Round Clear Halogen Reverse Lights
· New Petersen Armored Chrome Side Corner Lights
· Reverse Warning Alarm
· New NFPA Rear Box Reflective Chevrons
· New DOT C-2 Rear Bumper Reflective Striping
· New Class II Receiver Hitch
· New Compartment Lighting
· Two Discharge Points, 1-1/2’¿½NH and 1’¿½ NH Booster Reel
· One Intake Point, 2-1/2’¿½ NH
· NFPA Traffic Facing Compartment Door Reflective Striping
· New Pump Motor Carburetor, Air Filter, Plugs, Fuel Filter, Fuel Lines, Oil and Filter
· New Pump Operation Labels
· One Akron Turbojet 1 ½’¿½ Pistol Grip Nozzle (Reconditioned)
· One Akron TurboJet 1’¿½ Pistol Grip Nozzle (Reconditioned)
· New Dixon Double Jacket 2 ½’¿½ Hydrant Line NH (100 feet)
· New Action Double Jacket 1 ½’¿½ Fire Hose NH (50 feet)
· New Cando Single Jacket 1 ½’¿½ Fire Hose NH (200 feet)
· New Dixon Single Jacket 1 ½’¿½ Fire Hose NH (150 feet)
· Two Adjustable Hydrant/Spanner Wrenches (New)
· One Hannay Reel Crank (Reconditioned)
· Compartment Liner and Drain Grating (New and Reconditioned)
· Two Blue Polyethylene 8′ x 10′ ‘Fatal Tarps’¿½ (New)
· One Coil 3/8’¿½ Polyester Cord 75 Feet (New)
· Four Collapsible Traffic Cones with Reflective Bands (New)
· Four ANSI/OSHA Class 2 Safety Vests Yellow (New)
· One Orange Fully Stocked EMS Trauma Bag with Reflective Striping (New)
· Traffic Flares 30 Minute (12) and 15 Minute (3) (New)
· Two Folding Barricades with Reflective Orange/White Panels
· Two New Hose Carry Straps
· New 14 Foot 3/8’¿½ Tow Chain
Plus a variety of other tools and equipment!


150 GPM pump
250 gallon tank


26,000 miles
WEIGHT: 7′ 2’¿½
WIDTH: 6′ 3’¿½
GVW FRONT: 4,700
GVW REAR: 6,300

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