Inventory #: W0799

PRICE: $19,000.00


1988 Ford F-450 Light Rescue/Wildland/Rapid Intervention Truck (W0799)


Brand new on truck:
EGR Valve
Distributor Cap
Heater Core
Sparkplug Wires
Air Filter
Wiper Blades
The truck also has had the following items recently replaced:
Oil and Filter
R-134A Retrofit
Tires – Michelin LTX/AS P235/85/R16 (90-95%)
Other drive train parts are in good working condition, including:
Brakes (4 wheel disc)
Universal Joints
Clutch/Pressure Plate/Throw-Out Bearing
Water Pump
Quality S brand chrome brush guard/push bumper assembly
Dietz red warning lamps (PAR 36 Halogen)
Peterson amber PAR 36 fog lamps
Sound Off Signal 100 watt push bumper mounted siren speaker
Sound Off Signal headlight/grille light/corner light alternating flasher
LED TIR3 red corner lamps
Motorola 1/4 wave VHF antenna
Motorola 1/8 wave UHF (400 Mhz) antenna
Motorola CDM1550LS 400 Mhz Radio (narrow band compliant)
Sound Off Signal ETSA100E dual speaker, 5 tone siren with air horn
Custom radio mounting tree
Conspicuously labeled and located fuses and circuit breakers
Code 3 PSE Force 4 LP 6 rotator RED/CLEAR bar with 4 alley lights, Stingray oscillators, amber rear filters and clear cutout lenses
Atlas 100 watt lightbar siren speaker
AntennaPlus cellular/GPS dual band digital antenna
Unity H-1 6″ spotlights with halogen bulbs
Motorola Spectra 75 channel VHF radio with external speaker
CES Technologies TRK-240 GPS/Mobile Data Terminal
Tripp Lite brand 3 port cigarette lighter plug recepticle
Federal Signal SW400 combination 3-position rocker and 4 switch control box with custom labels
The following new equipment is located in the service body:
1- Square tip shovel with fiberglass handle
1- Spade tip shovel with fiberglass handle
1- 6 pound fire axe with ashwood handle
1- USFS fire shelter (shake n bake)
1- Encon Series 500 fire goggles
2- Safety vests (fluorescent green) with silver reflective striping and reflective FIRE identification labels
4- 18″ collapsible traffic cones with reflective bands
12- 30 minute Orion traffic flares
3- 15 minute Orion traffic flares
1- Wooden flare box
2- 1-1/2 polymer twist nozzles for wildland use
2- 10 foot sections of 1-1/2 inch Novaflex hard suction line with RedHead fittings NPSH
1- Trash basket for use on hard suction line NPSH
1- 1-1/2 inch NPSH to 1-1/2 NH adapter for hard suction line
1- 1 inch NH to 3/4 inch GH adapter
1- Brass adjustable hydrant spanner wrench
2- Wheel chocks with rubber carry strap
2- 50 foot rolls 1-1/2 inch hose NH
2- 75 foot rolls 1-1/2 inch hose NH
1- Trauma bag fully stocked for EMT/First Responder (over 100 items including BP cuff, stethoscope, pulse/ox, airways, trauma dressings, etc.)
The following excellent used items are also included in the storage compartments:
1- Amerex 5lb ABC fire extinguisher
1- STOP/SLOW traffic control hand paddle sign
1- Booster reel manual handle
These new items are mounted or attached to the pump/service body:
1- Akron spanner wrench holder
2- Spanner wrenches
1- 100 foot Niedner Reeltex 1-1/2 inch booster reel hose NH
2- 50 foot white Imperial double wall 1-1/2 inch canvas crosslay hose with RedHead fittings NH
2- 50 foot yellow Snap Tite double wall 2-1/2 canvas crosslay hydrant hose with aluminum fittings NH
1- 2-1/2 inch F (NH) by 1-1/2 inch M (NH) crosslay discharge adapter
2- Whelen 700 series lights RED/RED
2- Whelen 700 series Grille Master chrome housings with RED/AMBER lights
2- Whelen 700 series Mini Intersectors RED/AMBER dual beam lights
1- Sound Off Signal electronic alternating flasher
1- Code 3 PSE model 710 alternating flasher
2- Peterson clear flood work lamps (12V)
2- LED light heads for control panel
1- Chrome push button work lamp
1- 3 gallon Igloo brand water cooler
1- D.B. Smith Indian fire pump mounting bracket
1- Hopkinson 6 pole trailer light receptacle
The following excellent used items are attached to the pump/service body
1- Unity U-1 dual beam (flood/spot) pivoting work light
1- Akron PDQ nozzle
1- Elkhart Select-O-Flow nozzle
1- D.B. Smith Indian fire pump with brass nozzle
1- 2’¿½ Receiver hitch (Class II)
These items were installed as upgrades to the original truck appearance package:
Chrome front bumper (factory Ford – used)
Chrome front grille (factory Ford – new)
Stainless steel wheel covers (Eagle Flight – new)
Chrome exhaust tips (aftermarket – new)
Running boards – diamond plate aluminum (used)
Custom decal work includes:
Scotchlite custom graphics
Scotchlite emblems
Scotchlite lettering
Scotchlite striping
Scotchlite rear chevrons
Scotchlite open door striping
Scotchlite front bumper DOT style red/Green
All striping and decals are NFPA compliant


The pump has been refurbished, including new seals, valves and hoses. The pump motor has new oil, filter and air cleaner. The tank has been inspected and is in good working condition. The booster reel has been lubricated, the hose has been replaced and the electric retractor motor is in excellent working condition. The Robwen foam system has a new ShurFlo uptake pump and new hoses. The pump has an expanded steel removable protection cage with a booster hose nozzle clamp and hose rollers mounted to it. The pump bay has new work lighting, a refurbished control panel, LED lighting, an Akron wrench holder with two new spanner wrenches, There are two diamond plate hose/tool compartments, with three storage bays. There are 3 new work lamps, 2 Peterson flood lamps mounted on the headache rack and one Unity U-1 dual beam directable work light mounted at the rear of the truck. The bay floor and the step bumper are covered with traction tape for improved safety.

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