Inventory #: O0559

PRICE: $10,000.00


1988 Ford CF7000 Command Post (O0559)


Ford Diesel
5 Speed Transmission
2 Speed Axle
Power Steering
Disabled Persons Lift
Air Conditioned Work Area
Hydraulic leveling legs on large pads permit leveling on uneven surfaces.


There is never enough room in a Command Post During an Emergency. It is with this in mind that the SAM (Situation, Analysis & Mapping) Unit was designed. Built on a Heavy Duty Truck chassis, SAM I is maneuverable yet tough enough for rough roads.
If it wasnâ??t for the distinctive fire dept paint scheme one might mistake this unit for a standard delivery truck. The box is the standard height of 12â??6â? with a width of 8â??5â? on the road. Once at the scene SAMsâ?? work area more than doubles in width (approximately 16â??) by deploying 2 large Slide outs one on either side of box.
Inside the Box work tables fold down from the walls. Large office chairs allow up to 10 work areas. The expanded floor is flat enabling the entire space, of approximately 350 square feet, to be utilized.
The SAM unit has doors front and rear with Grip-Tread Stairs. Mounted on rear is a hydraulic Lift-gate which allows the loading of supplies and equipment. The Lift-gate has also supported the assignment of disabled personnel during several deployments.
This vehicle has been assigned as a Cost Apportionment, Finance, Plans, Operations and as a GIS Unit, complete with computer Network and large format printer/plotters. Often SAM is used for multiple functions or simply for meeting space.


Miles: 244,952

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