Inventory #: W0831

PRICE: $14,988.00


1985 Chevy K-30 Wildland 4×4 (W0831)


454 gas Engine
4 spd transmission
Quick Attack/Wildland/Light Rescue Truck
Western States conversion body,


a Hale GBP-4 PTO pump
250 gallon water tank


‘¿½ Two New Batteries
‘¿½ New Charge Isolator
‘¿½ Rebuilt Carburetor
‘¿½ New Master Brake Cylinder
‘¿½ New Air Filter
‘¿½ Fresh Oil Change
‘¿½ Fresh Coolant System Flush and New Coolant
‘¿½ Recent Plugs, Cap, Rotor, Plug Wires
‘¿½ Fresh Coolant Flush
‘¿½ New Mufflers and Tailpipes
‘¿½ Recently Serviced A/C
‘¿½ Good Brakes
‘¿½ All New Radio/Lights/Siren/Accessory Wiring and Fuses
‘¿½ New Able 2 Headlight/Red Light Alternating Flasher
‘¿½ Good Starter, Alternator, Power Steering

‘¿½ New Floor Covering
‘¿½ New Custom Built Equipment Tree
‘¿½ Reconditioned Motorola CDM-1250 VHF Radio – Narrow Band Compliant with New Motorola Microphone
‘¿½ Reconditioned Federal Signal SW-400, 3 Stage/4 Rocker Switch Control Box, with 3 Stage Emergency Lighting ‘ Stage 1: Rear Ambers, Stage 2: Red Rotators, Alternating Blues, Grille and Headlights, Stage 3: All Whites – Center Rotator, Clear Strobes, Intersection Sweep Lights and Siren Activation
‘¿½ New Galls Street Thunder 100W Siren with Horn Tap, Manual, PA
‘¿½ Code 3 PSE Arrowstik Controller with 4 Functions
‘¿½ CES Technologies TRK-240 Mobile Data Terminal with GPS
‘¿½ Tripp Lite 3 Port Accessory Receptacle
‘¿½ Hella 19’¿½ Flexible Neck Map Light
‘¿½ Electric Fast Idle Selector
‘¿½ In Cab PTO Activation and Indicator Light
‘¿½ Custom Switch and Light Panel with Electric Fast Idle Switch and Indicator Light, Compartment Light Indicator and Rear Amber Indicator
‘¿½ Good Original Seat Covering
‘¿½ Good Original Dash Covering
‘¿½ NFPA Compliant Reflective Door Chevrons
‘¿½ Reconditioned Unity Spotlights
‘¿½ 110 Volt Electrical Outlet for Lightbox Charger, etc.
‘¿½ In Cab Back-Up Proximity Sensor Alarm
‘¿½ Custom Door Mounted Clipboard and Flare Carriers
‘¿½ Cole-Hersee Master Battery Selector Switch
‘¿½ Balkamp Tachometer
‘¿½ Hobbs Hourmeter by Stewart Warner

‘¿½ New Chrome Front Bumper with NFPA Reflective Chevrons
‘¿½ Reconditioned Quality S Brand Grille Guard
‘¿½ New Per-Lux Amber PAR 46 Fog Lights with New Bulbs
‘¿½ Reconditioned Chrome Dietz PAR 46 Red Lights with New Bulbs
‘¿½ New Federal 100W Siren Speaker
‘¿½ New Whelen TIR3 LED Front Corner Lights
‘¿½ New Able 2 Headlight/Red Light Alternating Flasher
‘¿½ New Pacific Dualies Stainless Wheel Covers
‘¿½ New Michelin LTX/AS 16’¿½ Tires (6 New)
‘¿½ New Dee Zee Diamond Plate Running Boards
‘¿½ Reconditioned Code 3 MX7000 Lightbar with the following features: 4 Standard Rotators with Diamond Mirrors, 1 High Speed Center Rotator with Mirrors, Intersection Sweep Lights, Front Alternating Blue Lights, Steady Red California Compliance Light, Clear Takedown and Alley Lights, Halogen Amber Built-In Arrowstik, New Red/Clear Upper Lenses and Clear Lower Lens
‘¿½ New Motorola VHF ¼ Wave Antenna
‘¿½ New Antenna Plus Multi-Band Pancake Antenna (GPS/Digital)
‘¿½ New Two Color NFPA Compliant Body Side Striping
‘¿½ Dual 20 Gallon Fuel Tanks with In-Cab Electric Selector

‘¿½ Hannay Ultra-Light Aluminum Electric Retract Booster Reel
‘¿½ New Armored Textiles 1’¿½ Flexible Booster Reel Hose (100 feet)
‘¿½ New Central Forge Fire Axe in Chromed Brass Axe Carrier
‘¿½ New Central Forge Spade Shovel with Fiberglass Handle
‘¿½ New Central Forge Square Shovel with Fiberglass Handle
‘¿½ Two New Spring Tension Shovel Holders
‘¿½ Two New Peterson Work Area Flood Lights with 50W Bulbs
‘¿½ One New Unity U-1 Adjustable Work Area Spotlight
‘¿½ One Reconditioned Code 3 PSE AS-2 Arrowstik Light
‘¿½ One New Akron Spanner Wrench Carrier with 2 Akron Wrenches
‘¿½ Two 8 Foot 2 ½’ Hard Suction Hoses (NST)
‘¿½ New Enclosed 1’¿½ Cross-lay Box with 1’¿½ Outlet, 8’ Hard Whip Line and 100 feet of 1’¿½ Action Hose
‘¿½ New Piping and Valves to Provide Additional Discharge Lines
‘¿½ New Chrome Discharge Line Caps
‘¿½ Reconditioned Folding Box Mounted Steps with Handles
‘¿½ New Whelen Mini-Intersector Strobe/Halogen NFPA Side Lights
‘¿½ New Whelen 600 Series LED ‘Flicker’ Stop/Turn/Tail Lights
‘¿½ New Whelen 600 Series Clear Halogen Reverse Lights
‘¿½ New Whelen 810 Series Amber Halogen Alternating Flashers
‘¿½ New SoundOff Signal LED Box and Bumper ICC Clearance Lights
‘¿½ Reconditioned Sound Off Signal Galileo Strobe Power Supply
‘¿½ New Back Up Sensor System with 4 Bumper Sensors
‘¿½ New NFPA Rear Box Chevrons
‘¿½ New NFPA Rear Bumper Diamond Dots
‘¿½ New Class II Receiver Hitch
‘¿½ New Hopkins 6 Pole Trailer Light Receptacle
‘¿½ New Peterson Electronic Alternating Flasher
‘¿½ New Compartment Lighting
‘¿½ 110 Volt Shoreline with Battery Maintainer, Engine Block Heater and Outlets Located In Cab and Med Kit Compartment for AED
‘¿½ Concealed Panel with Lights, Tank Level Indicator and Gauges
‘¿½ Three NH Discharge Points, One 1-1/2’¿½ and Three 1 Inch
‘¿½ One NH Intake Point, 2-1/2’¿½
‘¿½ Custom Built Diamond Plate Rear Body ‘Trunk Lid’¿½ Storage Cover, Turns Rear of Truck into Unique Covered Storage
‘¿½ NFPA Inner Compartment Door Reflective Striping
‘¿½ One Akron PDQ Nozzle for 1 ½’¿½ Line (Reconditioned)
‘¿½ One Akron TurboJet 1’¿½ Pistol Grip Nozzle (Reconditioned)
‘¿½ New Dixon Double Jacket 2 ½’¿½ Hydrant Line NH (50 feet)
‘¿½ New Action Double Jacket 1 ½’¿½ Hand Line NH (150 feet)
‘¿½ Used Action Double Jacket 1’¿½ Hand Line NH (100 feet)
‘¿½ One Constant Flow 1’¿½ Twist Adjustable Nozzle (New)
‘¿½ Two Adjustable Hydrant/Spanner Wrenches (New)
‘¿½ One Akron 2 ½’¿½ Trash Basket for Suction Line (Reconditioned)
‘¿½ One Akron 2 ½’¿½ Double Male Coupler NH (Reconditioned)
‘¿½ One Akron 2 ½’¿½ Double Female Coupler NH (Reconditioned)
‘¿½ One Hannay Reel Crank (Reconditioned)
‘¿½ One Sentry 10# ABC Dry Chemical Extinguisher In Bracket
‘¿½ One Reconditioned Indian Fire Pump Can with New Mount
‘¿½ Compartment Liner and Drain Grating (New and Reconditioned)
‘¿½ Two Blue Polyethylene 8′ x 10’ ‘Fatal Tarps’¿½ (New)
‘¿½ One Coil 3/8’¿½ Polyester Cord 75 Feet (New)
‘¿½ One Coil 1/4’¿½ Poly Rope 50 Feet (New)
‘¿½ Four Collapsible Traffic Cones with Reflective Bands (New)
‘¿½ Two ANSI/OSHA Class 3 Safety Vests FIRE DEPT Yellow (New)
‘¿½ One Orange Fully Stocked EMS Trauma Bag with Reflective Striping (New)
‘¿½ One Poly Traffic Flare/Fusee Box, Rustproof, Water Resistant
‘¿½ Traffic Flares 30 Minute (15) and 15 Minute (3) (New)
‘¿½ One Traffic Paddle Sign Stop/Slow (Reconditioned)
‘¿½ One 36’¿½ MUTCD Flagger Ahead Orange Roll Up Sign (Reconditioned)
‘¿½ One 48’¿½ MUTCD Right/Left Lane Closed Ahead Orange Roll Up Sign (Reconditioned)
‘¿½ Two NHTSA Certified Portable Roll Up Sign Stands (New)
‘¿½ Complete Set of Tire Chains for All Wheels (Reconditioned


only 20 000 miles

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