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We have one of the largest sections of antique fire apparatus, antique fire trucks and vintage firefighting equipment on the web. Explore our listings of antique fire trucks and equipment for sale!

Antique and Vintage Fire Trucks for Sale

There’s something beautiful and charming about an antique fire truck. Whether you’re a collector, a fire truck enthusiast or someone who needs a vintage fire truck that’s still effective at fighting fires, you’ll appreciate the vast selection of options available through the Fenton Fire Equipment marketplace.
When you choose to shop antique fire trucks through Fenton Fire Equipment, you’ll find a range of options at various price points. Whether you’re looking for 1930s fire trucks for sale or something from the back half of the 20th century, there are multiple options and models to explore at any given time in our marketplace. There’s no better place to buy old fire trucks than through Fenton Fire Equipment.

A Trusted Source for Old, Vintage Fire Trucks

Anytime you’re dealing with decades-old vehicles, quality can be an issue. At Fenton Fire Equipment, we go to great lengths to validate the value of the trucks in our marketplace so anyone who wants to buy vintage fire trucks can rest assured they are getting a reasonable price. There are many different platforms where you can try to buy vintage fire trucks, but the marketplace at Fenton Fire Equipment is the venue you can trust for quality products and an easy, straightforward purchasing process.

Find Your Antique Fire Truck Today

It’s not just quality that separates Fenton Fire Equipment from other marketplaces where you can find antique fire trucks. We also offer a wide selection of vintage fire trucks and antique fire apparatus. Many of our buyers are searching for something very specific, and our wide selection increases the chances that they will find a used fire truck that meets their needs.
At any given time, our marketplace includes antique fire trucks from multiple decades. You’ll find a number of different brands represented in our marketplace, and you’ll also find antique fire trucks available at different price points. The variety in our selection means that there’s truly something for everyone. Best of all, our selection evolves over time. User-submitted listings are always coming in, which means there are always new vintage fire trucks for you to consider.

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List Your Antique Fire Truck With Fenton Fire

At Fenton Fire Equipment, we have one of the largest sections of antique fire apparatus, antique fire trucks and vintage firefighting equipment on the web! But we’re more than just a marketplace where you can buy old fire trucks. If you’re interested in selling antique fire trucks, it’s fast and easy to create a listing with Fenton Fire Equipment.
Get started by submitting a photo and specifications. Our team works with sellers day-in and day-out, so we can use our experience to provide pricing and marketability information. Once your truck is listed, we may also solicit offers via email and social media. We handle all inbound inquiries and questions so you don’t have to.
When your truck sells, you pay only a small fee based on the final sales price. You’re always welcome to list your truck simultaneously with other marketplaces, and you only pay if your truck sells directly to a Fenton Fire Equipment user.
If you’re interested in buying a vintage fire truck, you can start exploring your options on this page. If you want to list your vintage fire truck in our marketplace, you can start the listing process right now.

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