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Used Ladders and Quints
At Fenton Fire we have 57 used Used Ladders and Quints listed.

Whether your fire department has a truck company, is starting up a ladder company or is in need of an elevated device you will find a vast array of ladder trucks and quints to choose from. Some fire departments run a straight truck, meaning no fire pump or tank. The advantage to this concept is you will have more compartment space for firefighting and rescue tools plus the truck is typically lighter. The Quint concept has a pump and tank on board and can be used like a truck company or an engine company. This allows the fire department operating the truck to have options when man power or response time to fire calls can be hit or miss. If your department needs help choosing what ladder truck is right for your needs, give Fenton Fire a call and we will help you choose your next used ladder truck!

Used Fire Truck: 2012 Pierce 100ft. Quint SkyArm 200/300/25 (Q0893)
A ladder truck for sale with a pump, tank and foam. Arrow XT Custom Chassis w/ac Six Man Cab Five SCBA seats 100′ Pre piped Aerial w/air to tip Aluminum body Detroit 500hp Jacobs brake Allison Gen IV 4000 EVS transmission Oshkosh TAK-4 front axle Ground ladders Pike poles SCBA bottle storage over rear wheels Sliding tool trays Slide out compartment trays LED emergency light package Traffic directing light bar Federal Q2B siren Fire Com head sets Absolutely beautiful truck This truck is in near new condition Truck comes with a aerial certificate
$ 750,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2007 Pierce 100 Ft Platform (L0591)
Pierce Dash chassis TAK-4 suspension Detroit series 60 (3,617 hrs) Allison 4000 EVS transmission 4 man cab w/ air conditioning 3 SCBA seats aluminum wheels No pump �?? no tank NFPA required ground ladders (2) Master stream nozzles on bucket LED emergency lighting Electronic siren Back up camera
Reduced Price
$ 350,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2006 Smeal Spartan 75ft Quint /360/40 (Q0889)
A fantastic ladder truck for sale. It has a Spartan Chassis Seating for 6 3 SCBA seats Smeal Sirius Fire Body Detroit Series 60 515 HP Diesel Engine Allison 4000 Automatic Transmission Engine Brake Air Conditioning Aluminum Hose Bed Cover Pump Heat Pan Federal Q Siren
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Used Fire Truck: 2004 Pierce 105’ Ladder (L0609)
2004 Pierce 105 foot ladder 515 hp Detroit Series 60 Allison EVS 4000P Pierce Lance cab, seats 6 4 SCBA seats Features:4-bottle High pressure cascade, air to tip roll out shelves 12', 10', 2-8', 2-6' pike poles Ground Ladders: 2-35', 2-16', 28', 14', 10'
$ 299,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2002 Pierce Dash 100 foot tiller truck (L0604)
Detroit 500 horse motor Allison automatic firecom headsets seats 7 fire fighters Ladders 2-35',28'16', 2'extension, 14'combination, 10' attic, 20', 16'roof ladders.
Reduced Price
$ 175,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2001 Pierce 95′ Platform Quint 1500/200 (Q0895)
Used 2001 Pierce 95′ Platform Quint for sale! Dash custom cab w/raised roof and ac Aluminum body Detroit series 60 500hp Allison HD 4060 Transmission Engine retarder Hale 1500 gpm pump 200 gallon poly tank 10 KW generator Six quick raze quartz lights on body Two quartz lights on basket Rear view camera Ground ladders Pike poles Breathing air to tip LED light package LED light bar Federal Q2B siren Air horns Kussmaul charging system 46′ 9′ 10″ Truck is in great condition Southern truck no rust
$ 189,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2001 Pierce 61ft. Telescopic Ladder //foam (Q0861)
Cummins Diesel 61/55 Foot skyboom aerial Wireless electronic technology
$ 89,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2001 E-One HP75′ Quint 2000/480/20 (Q0881)
6 Man custom cab w/ac Aluminum body Cummins ISM 400 400hp Allison HD4060P transmission Ground ladders Pike poles SCBA bottle storage over rear wheels Kussmaul charger LED light package Air horns Electric siren Slide out trays Lots of storage compartment Truck is in excellent condition and well maintained
Sale Pending
$ 169,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2000 Spartan LTI 93 foot straight truck  (E3021)
60 series 500 hp Allison auto seats 8 fire fighters 5 scba seats jake brake A/C David Clark headsets 93 foot mid mount 2 monitors, one manual one remote control 1 anchor point each side for ropes GROUND LADDERS: 45 foot pole 2 x 35 foot 20 ext 2 x 14 roof 2 x 16 roof 10 attic little giant
Reduced Price
$ 200,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2000 Pierce HD 75′ Aerial Quint 1500/400/foam (Q0892)
A very nice used ladder truck for sale. Dash custom cab w/ac Seats 4 dire fighters with Three SCBA seats Detroit series 60 500hp engine (New motor and turbo installed 2010) Jacobs brake Allison automatic transmission Ground ladders Pike poles LED light package Air horns $50,902 on new motor
$ 149,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 2000 American LaFrance Eagle 1500/200/FOAM (Q0894)
Beautiful 2000 American LaFrance Quint for sale! Diesel Automatic Seats 5 (4 SCBA)
$ 200,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1999 Spartan LTI 93 ft. Platform (L0600)
Spartan Gladiator Long 4 door model aluminum cab and chassis​ Seats 8 with 7 SCBA seats​​​​​​ Raised Roof cab Detroit Series 60 diesel with 450 HP​​​​​ Allison HD4060P trans Air conditioned​​​​​​ ​Telma retarder Extended front bumper​​​​ ​Federal Q siren Air horns​​​​​​​​​​​ ​intercom to bucket Breathing air to bucket
Reduced Price
$ 165,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1999 Spartan Gladiator LTI 85 ft.  1500/200 (Q0848)
seats 4 fire fighters 3 SCBA seats Cummins Diesel M11-450-OE 450HP Allison HD 4060p
Reduced Price
$ 60,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1999 Pierce quantam 65 ft ladder 2000/500/foam (Q0726)
450 horse Cummins Diesel Engine Allison Automatic transmission A/C cab (3) SCBA seats Power windows Power Mirrors 65 ft. Pierce Sky boom with optional remote control Intercom system Roll up doors Federal Q siren Electronic siren Dual Air horns Full Tilt cab Auto charger (3) Double air bottle storage (2) hydrant wrenches (3) spanner wrenches aluminum alloy wheels inlet/outlet for aerial Hydraulic ladder rack Tires: 70% Front: 425/65 R 22.5 Rear: 315/80 R22.5 New ladder certification New pump certification Stripping can be removed
Reduced Price
$ 145,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1999 Pierce 65ft. Telescopic Ladder /500/foam (Q0860)
Used ladder truck for sale with a 65 foot ladder. Cummins Diesel Automatic AC 61/55 Foot skyboom aerial Wireless electronic technology
$ 49,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1998 Volvo 104 ft. ladder (L0610)
A 104 foot ladder truck for sale Diesel Engine Automatic 6 Speed Seats 6 firefighters SCBA Seating for 4 officer pack on side 2 - 24' extension ladders 2 - 14' roof ladders Stoke Basket Attachment Monitor for Basket for Master Stream, 100' 3" hose for master stream. Truck is not pre-piped. 104' Aluminum Ladder
Reduced Price
$ 65,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1997 Pierce Platform 2000/ (Q0864)
Pierce Lance cab seats 4 fire fighters Air conditioning (3) SCBA seats Series 60 Detroit Allison Automatic (new) Front axle: 21,000# Rear tandems: 54,000# Stainless steel wheel covers (4) Bottle cascade w/fill station Q2 siren Lower lights are LED
Reduced Price
$ 160,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1997 Pierce Lance 100 ft Quint 2000/250 (Q0870)
Detroit 475 HP diesel engine Allison Automatic transmission seats 6 fire fighters
$ 300,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1996 Sutphen 90 foot Quint 1500/ (Q0867)
Sutphen TS 4DR Chassis Seating for 6; 4 SCBA seats 90 foot Sutphen TS90 Ladder Detroit 8V92TA 450 HP Engine Allison Transmission
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Used Fire Truck: 1996 Spartan  Gladiator 1500/400 (E2778)
seats 4 fire fighters (2) SCBA seats Cummins M11 diesel 904 Allison 5 speed
Reduced Price
$ 40,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1996 Seagrave 2000/100 foot Ladder (L0607)
Available January 2017 23,742 miles Generator Waterous 2000 gpm pump A/C Back up Camera
$ 90,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1995 sutphen 104ft ladder (L0596)
seats 4 fire fighters detroit 60 automatic transmission
$ 30,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1995 Simon Duplex Sailsbury 100 ft Ladder (L0606)
Diesel Engine Allison HD 4070P Seats 4 firefighters SCBA Seating for 2
$ 34,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1994 Sutphen TS 100 ft. Quint 1500/300 (E3111)
Diesel 8V92 TA Allison HT 740 Rebuilt Sutphen TS 100 Ground Ladders: 50', 35', 2-28', 16', 14', 10' Power Unit, Ram Tips, spreader tips, 2-hose reels, 2-30' hydraulic hose, Hydraulic Cylinders rebuilt, extension cylinders and outriggers rebuilt
$ 90,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1994 Simon-Duplex  D-9400X 100 ft. Ladder (L0578)
Aluminum body Seats 8 fire fighters (5) SCBA seats Detroit Series 60 470hp Allison HD4060 1 45' extension ladder 1 35' extension ladder 2 30' extension ladders 1 20' roof ladder 1 16' roof ladder 1 14' roof ladder 2 10' attic ladders 2 16' hooks 2 12' hooks 1 8' hook 1 Stokes basket
$ 100,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1994 Simon Duplex Aerialscope (L0602)
Simon-Duplex Chassis Cab, Body, Boom â?? New Paint All NEW Tires Detroit 8V92, 500 Horsepower Allison Electronic Transmission Two (2) Mid-Mount Radial Arm Outriggers; four (4) vertical corner jacks Pre-Piped Waterway with Monitor Two (2) Breathing Air Bottles, 4500 psi, DOT for Platform Air Aluminum Body with Hinged Doors Upper portion of Compartments RS3 and LS3 is transverse
Reduced Price
$ 275,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1994 Freightliner/Smeal 75 ft. Aerial (L0579)
Crew Cab 4 Man Cab 3 SCBA seats 8.3L Cummins Allison Automatic LED Emergency Lighting Current Ladder Test Price $59,000.00
Reduced Price
$ 39,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1993 Sutphen 100' 4 door cab aerial tower 1500/200 (Q0770)
4 door enclosed cab with 6 seats Detroit Diesel 450 HP engine Allison automatic transmission aluminum cab and stainless steel body 7 aluminum ground ladders,
$ 165,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1993 Seagrave 100' Ladder1500/300 (Q0890)
Beautiful 1993 Seagrave 100' ladder truck for sale with 1500gpm pump and 300 gallons of water. Diesel Allison Automatic Seats 6 Seats 4 (scba)
$ 99,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1993 HME 105' Smeal Quint 1500/500 (Q0623)
A 105 foot ladder truck for sale. HME Aluminum 4-Door Enclosed Cab Series 60 Detroit 500Hp Allision Auto 4000 Series Transmission Tires 80% Air Conditioning Full Set of Ground Ladders in Rear Comp Hose Bed Capable of 1200' of 4" LDH Battery Charger With 12 Volt Air Pump Q2B Siren Aluminum Body By Smeal With Roll Up Doors Seats Six Firefighters Five SCBA Seats 105' 4 Section Areial @ 500lb Tip Load Opticom Traffic System, Red & White Color
Reduced Price
$ 60,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1992 E-ONE 110 footAerial Ladder 1050/300 (Q0819)
Detroit 8v-92 Diesel Engine 450 HP 8 cylinders Allison Automatic transmission Seats 6 fire fighters 110 ft. aluminum ladder Waterway to 95 ft. Front Tire: 425-65R 22.5 Rear Tire: 11R 225
Reduced Price
$ 52,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 1991 Sutphen Quint (Q0847)
1991. air to the basket water way is a year old. Ladder test was done this past winter and passed. Ground ladders and hand tools included. Ground ladders were tested a year or so ago
Reduced Price
$ 75,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1991 Spartan 55ft. tele squirt Engine 1500/500 (E3001)
cab seats 5 fire fighters Cummins diesel motor Allison transmission
Reduced Price
$ 8,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1991 Pierce Lance 55 foot QUINT 1500/300 (Q0886)
A used ladder truck for sale. 1991 Pierce Lance Diesel Allison Automatic Seats 10 firefighters SCBA Seating for 7 55' Ladder Water way Recent ladder certification
Reduced Price
$ 52,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1991 Pierce 75Ft. Snorkel 1500/300/15 (Q0888)
A 75 foot truck with pump and tank. cab seats 4 fire fighters 3 SCBA seats 3406 CAT 350 horsepower engine 2097 engine hours Allison Transmission Stainless wheel covers Q2 Siren Air horn on bumper Kussmaul battery charger Snorkel Last aerial test 2015 All ground ladders
Reduced Price
$ 62,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1991 Pierce 105ft. rear mounted aerial ladder (L0611)
A used ladder truck for sale. Pierce Arrow four door cab. Seating for six with seat belts 8v92 Detroit Diesel 425 hp with Jake Brake– rebuild by Detriot dealer in 2011 Allison HT740 transmission Air brakes Rear tires (m/s) less than two years old Power steering 105’ Smeal aerial ladder with creeper controls at tip 400 lbs tip load Current aerial test summer of 2016 12 volt aerial bed section lights, tip lights out of service Out and down outriggers. Pre piped waterway with electric controlled fog tip. Fog nozzle controlled from pedestal and aerial tip. Stack tips included Aluminum ground ladders: 35’ 2 section extension 28’ 2 section extension 20’ roof ladder 16’ roof ladder 10’ attic ladder 14’ Fresno ladder Pike Poles” 2-6’, 2-8’, 2-10’, 2- 12’ fiberglass Duo safety
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Used Fire Truck: 1991 E-One 110ft ladder (L0597)
550HP Detroit Allison auto All aluminum painted in 2011
$ 12,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1990 SIMON DUPLEX LTI REAR MOUNT PLATFORM QUINT 2000/200 (Q0782)
Detroit diesel 8V92TA engine that is new in 2008. Allison HT740 automatic transmission seats 6 fire fighters (2) SCBA jumpseats (2) flip down seats in crew area, rear waterway inlet, all aluminum cab and body, intercom, jake brake, two 4500 psi breathing air cylinders piped to platform , four H style stabilizer,s prepay waterway with two deck gun in platform, one Akron electric monitor with nozzle, on akron manual deck gun with stack tips, hose chute with capacity of 600 ft of 5" hose (not included), Fire com headset system with four headset, federal Q2B siren, electronic siren, warning lights, strobes, rotators, air horns, ground ladders compliment.
Reduced Price
$ 59,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 1990 E-one Hurricane 80 foot  2000/300 (Q0854)
seats 6 fire fighters 5 SCBA seats Detroit Diesel Allison Automatic All ground ladders 1 echo vent saw All pike poles 2 electric ventilation fans Some hose for crosslays 1 3/4� and 2 ½� hose 3 attack nozzles Other loose equipment named during sale
Reduced Price
$ 40,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1989 Spartan/Quality/Readi Tower quint. 1750/1250 (E3201)
A quint fire truck with a huge water tank for sale! Seating for 4 ( SCBA seats) Detroit Diesel engine Tires are in very good condition Unit still in service Hose/appliances/tools/fittings/air packs etc not included SCBA bottle storage in wheel wells 55' Readi Tower water tower/ladder May 2016 aerial certification 5" direct waterway to tower 30' extension ladder 14' roof ladder attic ladder discharges: (1) 4", (2) 2.5"
Reduced Price
$ 39,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 1989 Simon/Duplex  85' LTI (L0543)
L-92 Detroit Allison Automatic Jake brake All of the owners and maint. Books Tires 2 front brand new 4 rear brand new 4 rear in excellent cond. HT 3S 85' Arial platform Scba air tanks on ladder Air chains A lot of mounts for scott packs and other mounts for tools cab seats 6 fire fighters Intercom system Battery Tender Block heater
Reduced Price
$ 16,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1989 E-One Platform 95 foot 1500/200 (E3057)
Hurricane Chassis 4 Cab seats 95 Ft. Stratospear ladder last tested 2016 2 SCBA seats Detroit 500 Horsepower engine HTB 741 Transmission S/S wheel covers Q2 sirens Air horn in bumper Battery charger Last tested 2015 39�??, 16�??, 18�??, 28�??, & 30�?? ladders (6) Pike poles
$ 59,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1988  110 ft ladder truck 1500/ (E2890)
seats 5 fire fighters Detroit 92 Series 350 Allison transmission
Reduced Price
$ 16,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1987/2001 Spartan/LTI Simon Duplex 100ft. ladder 150/300 (Q0885)
Diesel Automatic seats 5 firefighters SCBA Seating for 4 100ft. steel ladder
Reduced Price
$ 45,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1987 Sutphen 65'  Pre-piped Mini tower 1500/400 (Q0891)
A quint for sale. Units seats 5 fire fighters 3 SCBA seats stainless steel body Detroit 8V92 475 hp with Jake Brake Allison World Transmission ladders: 14' and 16' roof, 24' 30' 35' extension and 3-10' attic ladders assorted hooks
Reduced Price
$ 19,900.00
Used Fire Truck: 1987 Spartan/LTI 100 Tower Ladder (L0599)
475 HP Detroit Diesel 8v 92TA HT740 Automatic Transmission Onan Diesel Generator Jake Brake Allison h 740 transmission Updated LED lighting from the cab back
$ 22,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1987 Pierce 95 foot ladder truck (L0434)
8V 92 Detroit Diesel 430HP Motor Allison Automatic Transmission 2 New Front Tires Back Tires At 30% Left
Reduced Price
$ 10,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1986 Grumman 102' Platform 1500/200 (Q0846)
Seats 5 fire fighters Aerial Length: 102' Detroit 8V92TA 550 HP Diesel Engine Allison HT-740 Automatic Transmission DuoSafety Ladder Complement
$ 30,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1980 Ladder Truck 100ft.  (L0598)
seats 6 fire fighters 2 SCBA seats Several Aluminum Fire hoses and nozzles.
Reduced Price
$ 3,500.00
Used Fire Truck: 1979 Pierce Arrow 100ft ladder (L0603)
seats 6 fire fighters 3 SCBA seats Detroit Diesel 8v71 330 hp Allison HT750 Full compliment of ground ladders. 2-35', 2-28', 1-20', 1-16', 2-14' Pike poles/hooks. 2-12', 1-10', 1-8', 2-6' 6-Streamlight Vulcan handlights Back-up Camera System
$ 30,000.00
Used Fire Truck: 1971 Sutphen TS-85 1500/500 (E3242)
Detroit 8V71 Diesel Transmission Allison Auto MT-631 Seats 4, 2 scuba seats Hale pump, 1500 GPM, 500 gallon fiberglass tank 85’ aluminum ladder
$ 8,500.00