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2017 Freightliner Tanker (T0960)
Inventory #t0960
Asking $ 174,500
Fire truck

Asking $ 174,500
CALL TOLL FREE 1-866-310-2077
2017 Freightliner Tanker (T0960)
Automatic Transmission Allison 6-Speed
Air suspension
Aluminum Wheels
Justice light bar 62''
Reflective strips
Rear chevrons NFPA
Pare shock ultra rugged reflective & non­slip

scale within the gateway support
LED light in compartment

Rearview with 7 '' colour screen camera & sound
Hooks front & rear
3 hose suction holders

2 water level indicators
Sliding drawer
Heating in compartment

Input for portable pump

Battery charger
Kussmaul auto eject & air eject
Longitudinal baffle
Two (2) drain installed in the front
Manhole cover: 20 "
Filling 10 "cover installed in the center of the tank
One (1) exit 10 "with the rear butterfly valve and actuator ­One (1) adapter right 26 "
One (1) adapter with elbow 90 degree
One (1) output 4 "STORZ with valve trunk driver side ­
One (1) valve 1/4 "to eliminate pressure
One (1) entry 4 "STORZ at the rear passenger side ­
One (1) valve 1/4 "to eliminate pressure
One (1) tank 4 '' victaulic with mesh and plug drain
One (1) overflow 6 "pipe with box on top of the tank Safes: Welded­side driver with 1 "recoil
Door facing upwards
60 "long
38 "high, 28" deep, 30 degree rear
(6) Whelen Interception Series 600
(2) Whelen LINZ6FC
(2) Whelen Series 900
(9) Work light LED
(2) Beacon
General Specs
Why aluminum over poly you ask?

Aluminum (lifetime warranty) vs Poly is:
2.98 times more dense (g/cm2)
62.72 times more elastic (GPA)
3.92 times more resistant to high temperature (° C)
20.83 times more rigid versus its weight (MN­m/kg)
2.12 times more strong versus its weight (kN­m/kg)
20.0 less fragile times at­40 ° F and +.
1.55 times faster unloading.
9.75 times more resistant to pressure from loading
6.30 times more elastic (MPa)
Much safer thanks to its centre of gravity very low more easy maintenance.
Much easier to repair and maintain.
Tensile strength of polypropylene is 4,500 psi
Tensile strength of aluminium is 44,000 psi
TIRE FRONT : 315/80R22.5
TIRE REAR : 11R22.5
GVWR : 58K
REAR : 40K